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More Common Myths About Pedestrian Accidents

dsmith June 19, 2021

There are many pedestrian accidents every year, and there are still many myths that are out there about these accidents. Below are some of the more recent ones we have seen.

Remember to talk to a skilled pedestrian accident law firm if you ever are in an accident so you can get compensation for your injuries.

Smartphones Cause Most Pedestrian Deaths: One of the most common arguments we see is that some pedestrians become so focused on their phones that they walk into traffic and are hit by cars.

It’s true that smart phones do play a role in some pedestrian accidents, but they are not as big a factor as some say; there are some estimates that suggest about 20% of pedestrian accidents were due to inattention on the person’s part. But there are many other types of inattention that could be involved.

It also should be pointed out that some pedestrian accidents are caused by the driver being fixated on a cell phone.

Jaywalking Causes Most Pedestrian Accidents: It’s true that jaywalking causes some pedestrian accidents, but it is not always illegal to cross the street where there is no crosswalk.

Most state laws state that if a street has a crosswalk, the pedestrian is required to cross there. But many streets do not have crosswalks, so it’s perfectly legal for pedestrians to cross. It is partially the responsibility of drivers to be on the lookout for pedestrians and does not drive at too fast a speed.

Pedestrians Are Always At Fault: In many pedestrian accidents, the incident is due to driver inattention, speeding, or breaking other traffic laws.

Also, it should be remembered that it is the driver who is in a vehicle that weighs 3000 or 4000 pounds and they need to be cautious at all times when they are driving. They have a legal obligation to share the road with pedestrians.

Pedestrian Accidents Happen in Bad Weather: Some do, but many pedestrian accidents happen in the summer in sunny weather. About 75% of pedestrian accidents happen when there are dry road conditions. This suggests that many drivers are not paying attention to the road when they should. Also, some drivers are only looking for other vehicles, but it is up to them to also watch for bikers and pedestrians.

Traffic Congestion Causes Pedestrian Accidents: Something that having less traffic congestion will lead to fewer accidents. The idea is that drivers act aggressively in traffic. But there are not many studies that show a correlation between traffic and pedestrian accidents.

Now that you know more about some of the newer myths about pedestrian accidents, you should talk to an experienced pedestrian accident law firm today to find out if you have a case. Many pedestrian accidents involve serious injuries, so you should not try to handle your pedestrian accident case on your own. You are more likely to get the compensation you need when you use an attorney.

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