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Most Common Questions and Answers Quadrant Shower Enclosure

katejo August 16, 2021

The 800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure has a distinctive curvy shape that makes it a perfect choice in different bathroom settings.  The shower enclosure is something that usually comes to our minds whenever we think about a luxury bathroom. While it was something that was considered luxury a few decades ago when it first came into the market, it’s no more a fixture only to be found in high-end or expensive bathrooms. Over time, there has been a lot of innovations in its design and material that have brought the prices down.

Today, an enclosure is not only better in quality than ever before but also affordable. There are choices available for the customers to choose from in terms of shape, size and glass thickness, etc. However, it has also made making a final choice a bit harder for first-time customers. Among all shapes that are available, a unique and distinctive design is a quadrant enclosure. Many people love it due to its shape. But it is important to know in what situations it can be a better choice for your bathroom.

In this article, we answer your common question about quadrant cubicles to give a better idea about them.

  1. What is the Shape of 800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

As explained already, it is a curvy shape enclosure that resembles a half-circle. That means its front side edge has a round shape bend. In comparison, no other enclosure has a similar unusual shape. The area the prudent into the bathroom has a circle shape. That’s why we name it a quadrant shape. 

  1. Are Quadrant Cubicles Contemporary or Traditional?

There is no simple answer to it. Generally, both contemporary and traditional install any shape of the shower cubicle. However, because it has an unusual curvy shape, we can assume it will create a luxurious and contemporary look to the bathroom. On the other side, you easily match it with the other round fixtures like toilet bowl and sink or baths to create matching. That does not mean you can not install it in a traditional setting. You can perfectly create a classic look with it as well. It depends on how to use it in your space. 

  1. I Have a Small Bathroom. Can I Install an 800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

Of course, you can install 800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure in a small bathroom. Perhaps, it is a relatively better choice as compared to other enclosures that also save you space. That’s why this shape is a popular choice for people looking for an enclosure that offers contemporary style as well as space-saving features. It saves you space in two ways. The first is its curved shape that has soft slopy edges. Such shape has less impact on the bathroom in comparison to others that has sharp edges. In addition to that, when you use it with an appropriate shower door, it can offer even more space-saving. 

  1. What Shower Door Should I Install with the 800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

In terms of benefits, the most appropriate shower door choice for this type of enclosure is the sliding door. It is because the quadrant cubicle has a curvy front design that fits better with this door. Secondly, installing a sliding shower door, it can help you save more space. It is because such a door type does not require any clearance space. So, we will recommend using a single door sliding door with 800mm quadrant shower enclosure. You should not go for a double door option because 800mm is a small size enclosure that will not fit well with a double door option.

  1. What Other Accessories Will I need with Quadrant Cubicles? 

A shower enclosure is not a standalone fixture that you can install as you get it. There are few types of accessories that are an essential part of the enclosure. You will have to buy these separately. The first is the sliding door, if it is not already included in the package. The second is the shower tray. A shower tray works as the base of the enclosure and has the same shape. 

  1. What is the Cost of Quadrant Enclosures?

The price of this type of shower tray is not much different from other shapes. Its price starts from £150. You usually get the sliding door and a shower tray as a part of the whole. If not, then you must buy It separately. You will also need to add the cost of installation to the final budget. The installation costs will depend on the time spent by the plumber. Although DIY installation is possible, we don’t recommend doing it unless you have experience doing such installation. Enclosures are bigger and heavier; you may end up putting yourself in a problem trying to handle it yourself. 

Looking For 800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure

In this article, we provide you answers to the most common questions about the 800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure. We hope that it will clear any wrong perceptions you might have. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have an exclusive range of shower enclosures available at lower prices. COVID-19 cases are on the rise again in the UK. Let us make sure that everyone around us gets the Coronavirus vaccine as early as possible. 

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