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Moving to Bangalore: How to Relocate to Bangalore from Delhi

householdpackers July 28, 2021
Relocate to Bangalore from Delhi

Moving from one city to another is not an easy task. But you are shifting for a job or for your career then things were easy. You can prepare yourself. It is your requirement and your call.  But when your shifting with the kids then things will be different. So many things need to take care of while moving. It is quite a stressful process for you and for your family. You need to figure out the things.

Relocation seems like a very hard process when it comes with the family. We need to relocate the household stuff, vehicle, etc. This process is a little challenging, but in practice, it is not. You just need to do some homework.

If you are relocating to Bangalore then you will get so many chances. But the chances are different from Delhi. Both the cities are different and their culture, atmosphere, language, food are also different. Some adopt it and some take time to adopt the things. Few peoples are also there who does not adopt the things and they always have the feeling of homesickness. Now you will analyze how millions of migrates feel when they reallocate. 

You need to leave your current home, your lifestyle, your social circle and you need to come out from your comfort area, where everyone knows you, with whom you share your talk, jokes. Sometimes leave things behind will be beneficial and things go in your favor.   

Few things need to be considered before relocating to Bangalore from Delhi

Before shifting, it is very important and needed to take some off for few days. And go to the new city before the shift on the weekend and search out few things like a new house, neighborhood, area, office, supermarket, etc. if you do a little bit of research then things will more easy for you when you actually relocate. Here are a few things to be considered :

  • Always ensure that your apartment has everything. This means your daily basic needs electricity, a water supply, parking area, parks for your children, security. Make sure that you get all these at reasonable monthly charges.
  • Not only checks the apartment but also checks the neighborhood.  Is your neighborhood is safe for you because after few days you are going to relocate
  • Make sure your house is located near to some good school. Always look for a good school and choose the apartment near to that school because it will help your children. 

Steps involved in relocating process

  • Plan Your Relocation

Moving to another city is a bigger step because you need to start from scratch in the new city. Before relocating plan out a few things and a few pointers.

  • Logistics company – Always do some research before hiring some logistics company. Select only a trustworthy and reputed logistics company and do some background verification also. Whether it’s your personal belongings, clothes, electronic gadgets like a TV, or your furniture. You Must choose reliable movers & packers. 
  • Checklist –Make your checklist ready before shifting. It is a good practice to have a checklist of items to be shifted. Always keep the checklist with you and label the cartons according to you, so that you are aware of the things. Most packers and movers companies don’t do any labeling on your cartons.
  • Expenses – You need to dispose of or sell a few things before moving because shifting costs can be reduced and you need to bear some expenses which will come in the relocation like the purchase of new things for your new house, sudden expenses which occur in the transportation.  Sometimes expenses hurt your bank account or your pocket. It is important to plan everything before relocation. So that you don’t have to face a sudden financial crisis. In balancing all the things a few months is required in the new city and after that thing will be fine.
  • Before Moving

Few things to be done before leaving your old house:

1. Clear all Dues: Clear all the important bills like electricity, rent, or anything you might have skipped too clear.

2. Transfer your LPG connection

Remember to take a transfer certificate from the LPG gas company of your connection and take the security deposit back from them. These are the documents you would require:

  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Gas book
  • Gas regulator
  • Gas connection voucher.
  • Transfer request letter mentioning your customer number, current address, and new address.

3. Transfer/ Disconnect DTH: Get your DTH service transferred or disconnected. It is up to you what you want to do.

4. Register Your Vehicle: If you are taking a vehicle with you then, get it registered in the new city. Because all cities are having different rules and regulations for vehicle registration, check out all the details.

5. Collect Your Children’s Transfer Documents: Collect your children’s transfer documents from the old school such as mark sheets, transfer certificates, migration certificates, etc. These will be needed for admissions to a new school.

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