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Nano & Micro-Influencers: Definition and Why are they so effective?

Amdee December 29, 2021

Nano influencers in India are a cost-effective, efficient, and, most importantly, a lucrative alternative to traditional influencer marketing. Consider them to be the popular students in school. They are liked by everyone without even trying. They just share their passions, whether it’s for their dogs, sports, cuisine, gaming, or fashion. It’s all there.

Their following spans from 1000 to 10,000 people. You’d be right in thinking that’s a tiny amount of money for a company attempting to promote its products and generate some sales. Nano influencers, on the other hand, are very inexpensive compared to micro and macro influencers, who charge anything from $200 to hundreds of dollars for each post. The cost of a single post from a micro-influencer range from $10 to $100. They are effective for the following reasons:

  • Nano Influencers India Cost Less – Nano-influencers cost far less and are an excellent choice for firms with a limited budget for a campaign.
  • It’s Best for Experimenting – As previously said, Nano-influencer marketing is quite inexpensive. As a result, even if the campaign fails miserably, the stakes are quite modest. This form of marketing is ideal if you’re intending to try something completely new that you believe has a slim possibility of succeeding.
  • Nano-influencers have a higher rate of engagement – It has been demonstrated time and time again that nano-influencers have a higher proportion of engagement than mega-influencers. This indicates they have a greater ratio of likes and comments to followers than influencers with millions of followers.


Individuals with 1,000 to 1,000,000 followers/audience members who are regarded specialists in their particular niches are known as micro-influencers. To name a few, they may be a culinary blogger, tourist, local fashionista, or fitness guru.

These smaller, more concentrated specialty specialists interact with their audiences on a deeper level and produce more engagement. Benefits of hiring Micro-Influencers:

  • Higher Rates of Engagement – As previously stated, engaging with micro-influencers provides a significant benefit in terms of user engagement. Micro-influencers, as opposed to famous influencer accounts, can communicate with their audience more regularly via likes and follows, as well as the answer to queries and comments more quickly.
  • Affordability – Using a celebrity endorser or influencer might cost hundreds of thousands of dollars simply for one post. A micro-influencer platform is substantially less expensive. It all depends on the number of followers and interaction, but for those with 100,000 followers, the prices average roughly $1,000 for each post.
  • Markets with a specific focus – Micro-influencers, unlike most famous superstars, can frequently reach out to extremely particular, niche markets. Micro influencer platform come in a variety of sizes and forms. Each of them has a distinct area of specialty, a distinct style, a distinct brand, and a distinct target audience. Consider your buyer personas in the same way you would while developing content. What type of individuals would your target audience be? What would make sense to them and make them want to buy your product?

These micro-influencers are usually surrounded by a tribe of people who share their interests. Finding someone who caters to your exact target demographic is the only way to be effective with micro-influencer marketing. Otherwise, you’re squandering money on non-buying audiences.

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