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Necklace Designs That Go Well With Sarees

nidhishekhawat475 October 11, 2021

Sarees are an important piece of apparel for Indian women; in fact, most women wear sarees in India. There are many various varieties of sarees on the market, and each region of India has its style, making saris the classic Indian garment. Sarees are worn for both informal and formal occasions, as well as daily activities, work, and festive occasions. In India, saris are commonly adorned with jewelry, with a necklace being the most popular choice because it complements the outfit. Saris are still highly fashionable today, and women of all ages wear them daily in India.

Indian Sari

Necklaces are an excellent piece of jewelry to wear with saris, and there are many different styles of necklaces that may be worn with different types of saris. Some light and simple necklaces can be worn with saris for informal wear, while heavier and decorated necklaces are best suited to more festive occasions. These necklaces can be fashioned with imitation jewels and be very affordable, or they can be very expensive if precious metals and stones are used.

1. Heavy Necklace:

Designer sarees with rich embroidery, zari, and embellishments require matching necklaces. The most popular necklace styles for saris are big necklaces that come in a pair with matching earrings. Big statement necklaces look great with saris worn to weddings, family parties, and other festive occasions. These necklaces, which are normally made of gold, silver, platinum, and multicolor stones and are quite popular. Heavy choker, big beads heavy necklace, multi-colored necklace, and oxidized necklaces are all suitable with saris.

Heavy Necklace

2. Bridal Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery should be noticeable and match the heavy designs that are commonly used in bridal sarees. Rani Haar, Satlada, and Navratna necklace are all popular with bridal saris. Bridal necklaces such as the Aad necklace are traditionally worn with colorful saris with gold borders.

Bridal Jewellery

3. Casual Necklace

Many women wear saris for daily tasks, social gatherings, and work. Simple collar necklace, leaf and flower design necklace, simple pendant, multi-colored beaded necklace, and Swarovski necklace are popular with casual saris for daily wear.

Sarees are easy to drape and ideal for the Indian climate. Jewelry, purses, and handbags are commonly worn with saris. Necklaces are the ideal type of jewelry to wear with saris, and as previously stated, there are several types of necklaces on the market that work well with various types of saris. These necklaces are easily found in stores and on the website, and many women have a collection of them to wear with various saris.

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