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dsmith November 8, 2021

There are very few experiences that are more distressing than the unexpected passing away of a loved one. Upset can easily mingle with despair and outrage when the death is caused by the negligent or wrongful actions of another. Tragic death because of another’s fault can sometimes result in criminal charges. This can provide some measure of justice and peace of mind, but not help pay for the costs resulting from the senseless loss.

The best wrongful death lawyer California can help you bring a civil lawsuit to get compensation for the loss of income, medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of consortium, and other things. California law allows survivors to acquire compensation through a wrongful death action.

California Laws on Wrongful Death: The domestic partner, child, spouse, and grandchild of the decedent can bring a wrongful death action in case the death occurred due to the negligent or wrongful actions of another person. If there are no family members, the representative of the estate can assert this action. You should speak with the best wrongful death lawyer California to understand your legal rights.

All types of damages are recoverable in wrongful death lawsuits. However, these cannot include exemplary or punitive damages. You can combine a claim for wrongful death with a personal injury claim if the same negligent or wrongful act caused the death. However, you would need to prove the decedent could have made the claim if they had lived.

For instance, in case a person suffers serious injuries in a car crash that took place because of a drunk driver, and suffered for months in a hospital before succumbing to their injuries, the survivors can file a lawsuit seeking compensation for damages incurred when the person was in the hospital as well as for their wrongful death.

It is important that you don’t waste time in getting in touch with the best wrongful death lawyer California since the statute of limitations for filing an action is just two years.

Types of Damages Recoverable: It can be difficult putting a dollar value on the tragic demise of a loved one. Money doesn’t ease a family’s pain or bring back a loved one. However, it can help struggling survivors pay for expenses while they try to mourn and move forward with their lives.

Wrongful death damages fall into two categories – economic and noneconomic. Economic damages are known as general damages, such as:

  • Funeral bills
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and income

Noneconomic damages or special damages seek to compensate intangible costs resulting from the untimely death, such as:

  • Loss of companionship
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of parent-child relationship

Noneconomic damages can be especially difficult to put a dollar value on. You should know that there is never any guarantee of the amount that can be recovered. This makes it necessary to find the best wrongful death lawyer California to help maximize the compensation.

Consult with a Wrongful Death Attorney: Wrongful death actions can be complex and confusing. Learn more about what the attorneys at California Wrongful Death Lawyers can do for you. Get in touch with us today by calling at 844-999-5342 or using our online form.

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