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Online and Offline Shoppers Need

johnlupez347 April 29, 2017

Nowadays, people prefers to shop online for convenience especially if the outlet of the store is far from the consumer’s location. On the other hand, offline is much more needed also to know if the quality of your product purchased is worth it. Here are some online and offline shoppers need especially in wholesale clothing, retail or even products used in homes and the likes.

  • Location

Shoppers choose a store based on where it is. Nothing’s more important in retail than your store’s location. Surprisingly, this is also important to online shoppers- in a slightly different way.


People also said they choose stores that are where they plan to be anyway, such as a mall or shopping area. This means that where they decide to open up shop has a huge impact on whether an offline shopper will choose your store. Finding a balance is key.


You would think that location would not be a determining factor in choosing to shop on an individual site. People said that where a site is based is important for shipping purposes. Many people wanted to know if a site would ship their location.

  • Convenience

Shoppers want a store to fit into their schedule and lifestyle. This is the factor that most people talked about. The majority of people even said explicitly “I shop where it is most convenient.”

There are also factors included of how fast you can complete a purchase, how loose items are to find, and can I get everything in one place.


Retailers have learned a few things over the years about making things more convenient for shoppers. Retailers group things in aisles that are similar or related so that it is easy to find things that are used together. They also label these aisles so you can see what they contain before you go down them.


Online shoppers also value convenience, which means that online merchants have to find new ways to offer the same comfort. It’s clear that convenience plays a huge role in making a purchase for both offline and online shoppers.

  • Knowledge

Customers want to shop with a brand that knows what they’re talking about. For individual purchases, a buyer is looking for a store that has the expertise to help them make a decision. These are usually for more expensive items like a big screen tv or lawn mower. Online shoppers may also be looking for expertise when they are buying something or customers the first time.


You have to train your sales staff to know as much about the product you sell as you can. This becomes even more important when selling things.


The absence of sales staff makes it much harder to portray your brand’s expertise and knowledge, but it is not impossible. Provide blogs, guides and videos make it easy for you to find when an online shopper searches for the answer to a question online. This will help you attract customers and establish that you are an expert.

  • Inviting

Shoppers want a store that looks visually appealing and unique. Anytime someone brought up the look of the warehouse I grouped it into this category. A lot of people choose where to shop based on looks alone.

  • Price

Shoppers are looking for a price that matches the value they receive.

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