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Organic Farming – Environment-Friendly Farming for Farmers

sonagoyal November 5, 2020

Organic farming is one of the broadly carried out forms of agriculture. It uses green manure and crop rotation techniques. It is advantageous in maintaining soil productivity and pest control on farms. Manipulation of manufactured fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited from organic farming. Plant growth techniques, hormones, food additives, genetically modified organisms, and many more banned in this type of agriculture.

It is more environmentally friendly opposed to traditional farming. International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) authority is liable for controlling organic farming activities worldwide.

Organic Farming for Better Life

We all are aware of the truth that harmful chemicals, compounds and artificial fertilizer can prove to be dangerous for health. Non-Organic farming uses several synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and growth regulators. Products produced through industrial farming are dangerous for the human race. It’s responsible for damaging the environment. Organic outcomes produced without any artificial chemicals and are healthy to consume. We all should consume organic meals to save our lives and to make our environment pollution-free, green and clean.

This type of farming is all about merging traditional methods of farming with modern scientific principles to produce environment-friendly and healthy agricultural foods.

Methods and Elements used in Organic Farming:

To maintain and build good productivity and soil structure, some elements used in the process of Organic farming:

• Uses of animal and plant deposits and compost with recycled animal manures and crop waste 

• The correct soil cultivation at the correct time 

• Crop Rotation Pattern

• Plants and green manures 

• Mulching

For controlling pests, plants and diseases:

• Corp choice and careful planning.

• Making use of contrary crops.

• Encouraging insect-eating predators.

• Increasing biogenetic diversity.

• Use of natural pesticides.

• Crop rotation.

Organic Farming includes:

• Careful use of water resources

• Animal Husbandry

Advantages of Organic Farming:

• Decreases soil erosion

• Helpful in maintaining soil productivity

• It is primary in supporting the continued presence of wildlife in the lowlands

• Advantageous for the dairy industry for cattle grazing on organic farms are less likely to infection or diseases and yield more milk

• Organic food products not contain any harmful chemicals or neither artificial preservatives or flavours

• The original nutrition of the farming products is maintain by reason of absence of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers

• Diminishes the risk of heart diseases

Which Tractor Brand is Best For Organic Farming

A Sonalika tractor is an essential accessory in Organic farming. It used for several works in this type of farming. Tractors offer many essential features, which makes them useful. Tractors of Sonaika consist of many tools and features or additional components: clutch, transmission, steering, etc. Here in this post, some crucial features of Sonalika Tractor shown in the section below.

  • Saves time and sources

For a farmer, saving time and sources is a quick strategy as it helps to decrease the expenses of farming. Sonalika helps to diminish human resources in terms of harvesting and farming. It saves time and sources, that’s why many Indian farmers like it. 

  • Transmissions and Operation

Sonalika Tractors have an automatic transmission system that makes operation a much more comfortable and smoother. It is capable of reducing stress through selective shift control and an automatic responsive transmission. These new features assure farmers that they are safe and secure in operating the tractor. They come up with both manual & power steering, which makes turning as simple as it can be.

  • Extended Range

Sonalika tractors are available in several ranges like 4wd, AC cabin, 25 – 90 HP range, and mini tractors for different farming works. It has a broad range of tractors with innovative technology and unique design. It comes in a broad range of tractors to perform various agriculture tasks.   

  • Provides various agricultural uses

Several farming implements easily connected to the tractors that help in processing the soil for plantation, planting, and harvesting. Sonalika can efficiently utilized to produce fertilizers to lands of large areas.

  • Simple operating

Sonalika tractors designed with vital and straightforward parts or systems that support farmers for operating. It has the smallest complicated system, and farmers can simply and securely drive tractors. It has simple operating, which results in fewer accidents and less security training required. And Sonalika provides guidebooks that help farmers to understand the applications and functioning of tractors. 

  • The comfort of Installing Farming Elements

You have Sonalika tractors with you in the field, you can easily connect the various elements with the help of a front-load or a backhoe. These actions usually consume a lot of time. With Sonalika, every task can be accomplish in a focus of a few hours. Sonalika tractor improves productivity and assures that the job is done to perfection.

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