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Outsourcing Call Center Services: A Step-by-Step Guide

riemensolution December 10, 2021

Customer satisfaction is more important than ever. Because of increased globalization, consumers have many options to choose from when shopping for goods and services. In many cases, the customer experience is the only thing that distinguishes one company from another. Offering the importance of customer service, it’s no surprise that companies are turning to outsourcing call center services for assistance.

Call center outsourcing is not a new concept. For decades, businesses have used these services. However, as the importance of customer service grows, an increasing number of companies are turning to outsourced partners for assistance. If you’re interested in these services but aren’t sure if they’re suitable for your company, let us walk you through the pros, cons, options, and opportunities for call center outsourcing.

How Do Outsourced Call Centers Operate?

In most cases, businesses will be forced to consider outsourcing call center services due to one of two circumstances. Some companies recognize that they have grown to the point where they require assistance handling customer calls, but they do not want to incur the financial burden of hiring more employees. Other businesses already have an in-house call handling program. Still, the costs of running it have accumulated to the point where it makes sense to look into more cost-effective alternatives.

The process of call center outsourcing begins with a conversation once the pain point has been identified. Businesses contact outsourcing companies to learn more about their options. There is a discussion about goals and how to achieve them. The outsourcing partner then writes a customized call script incorporating the client’s policies and procedures. The customer service organization then trains its employees to handle business communications. This allows businesses to focus their time and energy on their strengths while providing excellent customer service.

Call center outsourcing solutions can be highly diverse and adaptable. Some handle all inbound calls for their outsourced partners, answering questions and resolving issues. Others take outbound calls, appointment setting, lead generation, and market research. The possibilities for customization are limitless, and the transition is frequently seamless. Customers often have no idea they speak with third-party outsourcing call center services.

Each call center has a unique pricing structure. Some companies charge clients for each minute they spend on the phone with a caller. Some companies charge by the call. Others charge a flat fee per month of coverage. However, one of the significant benefits of outsourcing call center services is that it is much less expensive than hiring and training a brand new employee or building out an entire department.

Outsource Call Center Operations to Balance Customer Expectations and Cost Savings:

When it comes to call centers, public opinion is divided. While some people value service quality above all else, others prefer to speak with native speakers when they call. This makes it remarkably challenging for a company owner to decide, especially in this age of competition where every penny spent counts. Because outsourcing call center services are great way to save money, expecting every business owner to start an expensive in-house call center. More so when such an endeavor adds to the burden of a call center owner while inadvertently affecting the core process’s growth. As a result, it is preferable to outsource the call center to a vendor who provides the most beneficial of both systems in terms of talent and cost.

Characteristics of a Well-balanced Customer Service Outsourcing Company:

Finding a customer service outsourcing company that can assist you in balancing customer expectations with financial rewards can be a difficult task. It is a settlement that must be made with caution to reap the most significant possible benefit in the end. To assure that you close up with the right vendor for your outsourcing project, it is best to evaluate them based on the following characteristics:

Customer-Specific Characteristics:

Neutral Accent:

Customers prefer native speakers with neutral accents. The keyword in the preceding sentence is’ speakers,’ not ‘natives.’ Customers’ biggest complaint about non-native agents is that they cannot understand what they are saying. Non-native training agents quickly remedy this issue in neutral accents. The neutral accent is designed so that it is understood by people all over the world. Companies based in the United States but have call centers in India understand the importance of a neutral accent. Such businesses have well-trained agents who have a good grasp of neutral accents and can respond to native English speakers’ inquiries.


Customers expect polite agents to respond to their inquiries. Politeness is a natural trait that not everyone possesses. When you partner with a client service outsourcing business, such as Vcare, you will have direct access to polite Indian agents who the customers genuinely like. These agents have received extensive empathy and rapport-building training, making them ideal candidates for the call center industry.

Finally, We Can Say:

Over the years, owing mainly to outsourcing call center services overseas, the term “call center” has almost earned the same negative connotation as “outsourcing.” People anticipate that the roads will be congested. People expect to have a problem when dealing with a call center. This can and has been fluctuating by outsourcing client communications to businesses within the United States that are well trained to deal with issues quickly and concisely.

When it comes to business, trust can be a valuable commodity. Having your clients perceive that they are dealing with a company interested in resolving their issues rather than being intentionally routed to an Indian operator to get them to give up on their question could mean more than a few extra dollars upfront.

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