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Overcome the flu: home surfaces to disinfect

Anna Aamone January 9, 2015

The flu is a common thing nowadays and it is very easy to get it. Once you overcome it, however, you have to take measures for the protection of your home immediately. It is not impossible to get sick again, especially if you don’t disinfect all surfaces and places in your property. Just in case, a sanitation of all premises of your real estate property will save you from any future complications and possible repeating of the flu. It is important to perform one thorough cleaning after you are better to secure the safety of your home, and also to make sure that you and your entire family will be protected from all dangerous germs.

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In case you don’t want to risk getting the flu again, prepare yourself for a major cleaning and disinfection of all rooms, objects and mostly surfaces in your place. The latter contain most germs and dangerous microbes because they are constantly open to the attacks of the microbes. When you are sick you are in contact with the different surfaces and this inevitably makes the area dangerous for you when you overcome the flu as well as for anybody else. The only way you can protect your health is to perform a cleaning with the strongest disinfecting products you can find according to professional carpet cleaner. If you don’t like to use chemical products, then you can rely on the green homemade blends. Make sure that you pay attention to the surfaces in the following places of your home:

  • The kitchen
    The kitchen usually is a place which can contain a lot of microbes and grime because of its constant usage. This is the first place you have to disinfect since this is where you prepare your food. Everything needs to be sparkling clean and you can focus your efforts on all appliances, the table, chairs, the counters and other surfaces which you’ve touched when you were sick. Use hot water and also some vinegar for better disinfection.
  • The living room
    Even the small objects will need your attention, so when you perform your cleaning don’t forget the remote control, the light switches, the knobs on the doors and also all the furniture. You might think that the small surfaces are not dangerous but they can also detain microbes and germs even after the end of your flu. You can wipe everything with paper towel which you can then throw out. Also, make sure that you open all the windows to let the fresh air in.
  • The bathroom
    The disinfection of the bathroom is not the most pleasant thing but it is definitely something that needs to be done. Vinegar and baking soda will help you clean the surface of the tub, of the sink, as well as all taps and the shower. You can also give a once over to those areas with some strong products from the store, if you think that it is necessary. Don’t forget to clean the mirrors as well, along with your toothbrush which is certainly filled with germs.
  • The bedroom
    The frame of the bed, the nightstands and every other surface in your bedroom should be effectively disinfected. The most important thing, however, remains the changing of the bedding. Everything that you’ve used or touched while you were sick needs to be cleaned, so that all germs can be killed. Dedicate as much time as necessary to the cleaning of the bedroom because this is probably the place with most microbes.
  • The hallway
    You can leave the hallway for last because it won’t need so much disinfection like the other areas of your home. Again, pay most attention to the cleaning of the light switches and other places which you’ve touched when you were still sick. When you are done, freshen up the air in your entire property.
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