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Pack you Amazon travel suitcase – Survival guide

Ashish Kumar October 10, 2019
Aerial View of Amazon Rainforest, South America

Amazon is a huge jungle, the largest in the world in fact. And, like the Amazon Island in the DC comics, its beauty is beyond splendid. Its mesmerizing, mother nature’s best. But, anything that’s beautiful, has its dark side as well. Such a vast jungle must have all sorts of wild fauna and flora flourishing in it. And it does. And they’re as wild as it gets. With animals and plants of all sorts, venomous, sharp-toothed, big and strong beasts with monster bodies and very high speeds, the amazon jungle is one survival roller coaster.

Not to panic

Usually people don’t go on these trips alone. They always have good companions to make good memories with. But what happens is that sometimes, you get excited and it makes you do things that are considered as mistakes. And mistakes in the Amazon jungle, can be very fatal to life. The most common reaction to situations like these is panic and anxiety. This is very erratic since it forces your body into a state of excess exhaustion which results in your body demanding for more food and water. The most important thing is to have resources stocked up in a good amount. And not to go through them at a rapid rate is crucial and you need extreme mental stability for this.

Proper apparel

Yes, you’re on a trip and you’re having fun. You need good photos and videos for your future nostalgia and reminiscence. Maybe you’re into vlogging and would like to record everything. So, would definitely want to look good in those vlogs of yours. But you’re not on a trip in the city. You’re present in the most dangerous jungle in the world, where even insects, will kill you. Proper skin protection and body coverage is necessary. Showing off your skin won’t work in your favour here.

Tracking – 101

It is realistically impossible to track the path you followed into the jungle back to civilization. The jungle in monotonous, green and filled with canopies and plantations wild and free. It all looks the same. In order to not get lost, you need to trace your path. Mark the path you’ve chosen to trek through the jungle, and remember to not mark your path with things that are edible since there’s a high chance that you’ll not be able to find the path again.

Temporary stay and food

Horrible situations like getting stuck or lost in the jungle are not that uncommon. The technology is just advanced enough to track you down in time. But in case the odds are stacked against you, you need to have the tools to build an appropriate shelter and to collect food for survival for the extra protection. The most versatile tool required for every trip to the amazon is a good hunting knife like the Damascus hunting knives offered by Gladiator’s guild knife manufacturers. Create a strong shelter using wood and mud, feed on resources and edibles which are plentiful in the amazon. Be the Bear Grylls of your life.

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