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Perfect Traveller’s Guide to Las Vegas

hayesmark October 30, 2020

All thanks to Hollywood, it is relatively easy to picture ‘the sin city’ of the state of Nevada, Las Vegas! Although the city authorities prefer to call it ‘the entertainment capital of the world’ because of the casinos and more generally for the libertine image built-in time.

In fact, since the legalization of gambling in the 30s of the last century, the city has experienced a very long growing season that stopped only in 2008 following the financial crisis that broke out in the United States. 

However, even this setback is behind, as, within a few years, the employment levels have returned to those pre-crisis. Above all, the city has continued to innovate without abjuring its development model, that mix of fun, luck, and fame that made it famous worldwide. Below, let’s go and discover the main tourist attractions of Las Vegas together. If you wish to book a ticket right away, you can utilize the benefit of Copa Airlines reservations options for the best flight experience throughout your journey.

As we all know what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas! So let’s find out the most renowned tourist attractions in Las Vegas.

The famous Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Boulevard South, better known as the “Las Vegas Strip,” is the city’s main artery in the Mojave Desert. We are talking about a road of about seven kilometers on the sides of which there are (almost) all the city’s main attractions: restaurants, shops, hotels, clubs, and casinos in a concentration that is unparalleled in the world. Therefore, the overall vision is magnetic and, at the same time, confusing, with excessive heat as the only contraindication. 

The heat of Las Vegas suggests not making the road on foot. Do not worry. However, there is a practical alternative and to keep in mind for the rest of the article. We refer to the “Las Vegas Monorail, “the elevated monorail that crosses “Sin City.” By far the fastest and most efficient way to get around the city. There are seven stops and short waiting times: a convenient solution that has become an attraction. 

Stroll on the Fremont Street

If Las Vegas isn’t just a stop on a more extended vacation, but it’s the journey you plan to take, then a visit to Fremont Street is a must. Along this road, the first casinos, the first clubs, and the early films were made. In short, by forcing the concept a little, we can say that Freemont Street is the “historical center” of the city. Just as happens in historical centers of absolute importance, the city authorities have taken steps to revive their splendor in synergy with private individuals. 

Meanwhile, the longest-running resorts, such as the Golden Gate and the Golden Nuggets (the latter is famous for its shark tank), remain staples of the Las Vegas tourist offer. Next to these, a futuristic commercial area has been created, emblematically renamed the Fremont Street Experience. Entirely pedestrian, Fremont Street experience has a vaulted roof studded with thousands of LEDs that come alive every hour. 

Generally, they start from six in the evening (times vary according to the seasons), giving life to a show of lights and sounds (Viva Vision Light) lasting about six minutes. It’s not over. Among the things to do, we point out SlotZilla, an experience that allows you to cross in flight like a Superman, obviously hooked to a steel cable, Fremont Street. 

Neon Museum

“Collect, preserve, study, and exhibit the iconic signs of Las Vegas educational, historical, and artistic and cultural enrichment purposes.” This is the mission of the Neon Museum, which is about two kilometers away from Fremont Street. So, an exhibition that has the ambition of retracing the development of Las Vegas through neon lights and its signs. A decidedly ‘pop idea’ but absolutely in line with the originality of the city, and above all an idea that allows you to include art and history in the tourist offers of Las Vegas. 

Adventuredome Theme Park

This theme park is located inside the Circus Circus, a resort in the northern part of the Las Vegas Strip. It is also the main reason you choose to stay in this hotel but, like everything described so far, nothing prevents you from visiting the area even from outside.

Particularly recommended if you are traveling with children: we are talking, in fact, of an indoor park with attractions for all tastes and ages: from darts to minigolf, through climbing, bungee jumping, and roller skating, video games and roller coasters. In short, fun is guaranteed, and, after all, it is what you expect from a vacation in Las Vegas. 

Take a Gondola ride 

The gondola ride is an incredibly popular experience for couples who come on a vacation to Las Vegas on their honeymoon or, even more numerous, who come to the city to get married. Las Vegas is famous for its “easy wedding.” Thanks to streamlined legislation, you can get married faster than elsewhere and, above all, you can do as you wish: the Eiffel Tower, on the roller coaster, the presence of Elvis Presley, helicopter, and so on.

We do not know if it is possible to do this even in the Venetian spa. What we do know, however, is that Canyon Ranch – this is its name – is another attraction that is the most popular in “Sin City.” 

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