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Pet Beetle Guide: All You Need to Know About Beetles as Pet

jamjamexotic February 9, 2022

Adorable animals like cats and dogs are at the forefront in both the United States and Japan regarding what constitutes a good pet. However, one significant difference is keeping pet insects, particularly beetles, in Japan. Here is everything you need to know before you go ahead and buy beetles online.

History of Keeping Beetles as Pets

There is a long pet history of two particular types of large beetles.

  • The “kabutomushi,” often known as the “Rhinoceros” Beetle in English, is one. The English name is derived from its single massive horn. The Japanese moniker “helmet bug” refers to the bug’s supposed similarity to a samurai helmet.
  • The “kuwagata,” or the “Stag” Beetle, is the other. They got their name from their twin horns, which resemble English speakers of another animal and Japanese of a samurai helmet.

Consider the Following Factors When Choosing Beetles As Pet

You must determine whether beetles are the proper sort of pet for you, in addition to ethical and legal issues. They are, after all, live entities with distinct requirements. If you are unwilling to supply your beetles with the proper care and living circumstances for their species, you should visit an arthropod zoo to satisfy your bug obsession.

Learn everything you can about the beetle’s biology, natural history, and life cycle before choosing one to keep as a pet. Check to see whether it’s a good match for you before you go ahead and order beetles online. Most arthropods don’t like being handled all the time, and some can grow nervous if they’re taken out of their cage too often.

Some people will even defend themselves if they believe they are being threatened.

Recognize Your Limitations

If you live in a rental, your landlord will likely have the last word on what pets you may (and can’t) keep. Also, be aware of the legal restrictions imposed by state and municipal governments on some exotic pets, particularly those acquired from another nation.

For example, apiculture is illegal within the city borders of New York City. This implies no bees as pets. This can be the case of your legal jurisdiction, so it is necessary to do proper research before you decide to order beetles online.

Appropriate Temperature and Humidity

Check what temperature and humidity your beetle requires and alter the surroundings to meet those requirements before you buy beetles online. A light bulb that generates heat is the ideal technique to heat the beetle terrarium. This may be done with any conventional incandescent light bulb. The terrarium is comparable to the sun since the lamp’s rays heat it.

The beetles can then either bask in the sun to warm up or hide in the shadows to cool off. This is the only method beetles can regulate their body temperatures. If one light bulb isn’t producing enough heat, heat mats or a heated wire can further warm the enclosure. Water can be sprayed to enhance humidity. Do not put a water bath or anything similar in the cage since the beetles might drown.

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