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Popular Auto Model In India With Price And Features

sonagoyal December 14, 2021

3 wheeler beneficial commercial vehicle in India. For many purposes like transportation in nearby places and taking passengers from one place to another. These commercial vehicles are available in Bajaj, Piaggio, Kinetic and Mahindra. Every business owner has one auto for commercial use. Auto Price is available at an affordable range for buyers. These autos come with CNG, LPG fuel diesel types.

In the below section, we describe 2 popular models of 3 wheeler with the features and price. 

Bajaj Compact RE 3 Wheeler

Bajaj Compact RE has 10 power with the cylinder and 236.2 cc engine in this model. It is manufactured with 2635 length, 1300 width and 1700 MM height with 2000 wheelbase. The Bajaj Compact RE 3 Wheeler generates 19.2 of torque, adequate for many applications. The 3 wheeler comes with Rs. 2.27 – 2.37 Lakh that is suitable for customers. This 3 Wheeler has 672 GVW and provides superb maximum speed.

Bajaj Maxima C 3 Wheeler

Bajaj Maxima C has 9 power with the 1 cylinder and 236.2 engine in this model. It is manufactured with 3230 lengths, 1493 width and 1818 MM height with 2125 wheelbase. The Bajaj Maxima C 3 Wheeler comes with a Front Suspension and Rear Suspension. 3 wheeler has 40(5.6kg) of fuel tank capacity and 3 tyres. This 3 Wheeler has 986 GVW and provides superb maximum speed. It is available in the market at Rs. 2.64 – 2.85 Lakh that is cost-effective for buyers. 

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