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Power Weeder in India – Most Reliable Farm Machine

sharmasona March 5, 2021

Power weeder is an efficient farm machine, used for removing weeds, stirring and pulverizing the soil. It is perfect for loosening the soil after the crop begins to grow. These types of farm machines are manufactured with the help of high quality raw material and latest technology, making it a superb machine for various farm applications. By removing the weeds, it improves the growth of plants. 

Advantages of Power Weeder 

  • It is a most reliable farm machine that provides work excellency, improving field condition and plant growth. 
  • Power weeder reduces the use of harmful pesticides for weed control. 
  • The machine is available in a compact size and at a low price, making it budget-friendly. 
  • It reduces the labour cost, maintenance cost and minimizes the human effort. 

Popular Power Weeder in India 

In the agriculture sector, several power weeder models are available which are made with advanced technology, one of which are defined below:- 

  • Shrachi 105G Petrol Power Weeder

Shrachi 105G Petrol Power Weeder is the most popular farm machine in India. It is a reliable and durable machine which is powered by petrol. It accomplishes all the farm operations efficiently, improving productivity. The machine has modern and advanced features that provide unbeatable performance in the working field. The petrol power weeder effectively cuts weeds, loose the soil and pulverize the soil. 

Following are the innovative features of Shrachi 105G petrol power weeder:-

  • The petrol power weeder has 7.8 hp engine power that helps in tough and challenging farm conditions. 
  • It has a single cylinder, vertical, 4-stroke petrol engine, generating 3600 RPM. 
  • The tractor model comes with an excellent air cooled technology that protects the machine from overheating while executing long hour operation. 
  • It has an 18/24/32 adjustable number of blades. 
  • Total weight of the power weeder is 105 kg.
  • Shrachi 105G Petrol power weeder consumes 0.75 litre fuel per hour, saving in extra expenses. 
  • Power weeder price is Rs 83,079 (Approx.)

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