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Practical Tips for Renting a Property in the UAE

Rajat Kumar September 27, 2021

Shifting to the UAE is exciting. Your family loves it. But, it also comes with responsibility–finding accommodation for rent for your family to stay.

Renting is a good option for staying in the country. And with the ample availability of properties for rent in UAE, you can quickly find a house to rent. 

During the last few years, many foreigners have relocated to the UAE. People from across the world move to the country for lucrative career opportunities for great career opportunities, and lucrative lifestyles. 

People move to the UAE to actuate their dreams. Despite the increasing population, accommodation is not a problem in the UAE. There are excellent properties to accommodate the growing population. 

You will find all kinds of properties for rent. So, you can choose your accommodation based on your lifestyle and your budget. 

It will help if you try to understand the rental property market in Dubai. Then, it will allow you to proceed with the proper steps:

The Rental Market in the UAE

Despite the availability of plenty of properties, renting is a bit expensive in the UAE. And the reason is that the country attracts many people. So, demand for rental properties is on the rise. Although the UAE’s average rent has recently dropped by around 30 percent, yet you will have to spend nearly half of your salary on rent. 

If you look at the renting costs at different emirates of the UAE, you will find the renting costs in Dubai will be the highest, followed by that in Abu Dhabi. On the other hand, rents in emirates, like Sharjah and Fujairah, are lesser.

With the availability of different types of properties in the UAE, you can choose from apartments to villas. 

But, you should choose your rental property carefully because there are some risks involved. Typically, rental contracts in the UAE last one year, and you need to incur a hefty fine if you breach the contract.

Moreover, many landlords demand one year’s worth of post-dated cheques and up to three months’ rent as an upfront fee.

What are the Effective Steps in Finding a Property for Rent in the UAE?

You can follow the following steps while looking for a property to rent in the UAE:

Visit Property Portals

It is a good idea to start your search by visiting online property portals. And there are many property websites available. It would help if you chose different types of residential properties, such as:

  • Apartments
  • Residential Plots
  • Villas
  • Townhouses
  • Penthouses
  • Hotel Apartments

Once you identify a property, you should know more about it, such as the annual rent, location, number of rooms and baths, furnished or unfurnished, and nearby schools, parks, hospitals, and restaurants.

You should try to develop an overall picture of the property to determine whether it will suit your needs. 

Visit the Property

Once you choose a property to rent, you should visit. Examine the property from all angles, such as the neighborhood, whether the property gets enough natural light, are the rooms spacious enough, etc. Do not fail to ask the agent as many questions as you can, as that will help you to understand the property better. 

Make an Offer

Once you finalize a property for rent in the UAE, you can pay the agency fees and offer. Interestingly, you will find many landlords who prefer to lower their annual rents if you pay the rent for the entire year through a single rent. 

Reserve the Property

You now need to reserve the property by paying a refundable security deposit, which is usually a month’s rent or 5 percent of the rent, to the landlord. Reserving the property is essential because only then will the landlord hold the property until you finalize the deal. First, but, ensure you get a receipt of the security deposit.

Sign the Agreement

Once you pay the security deposit, the agent will share the tenancy contract with you. It is a good idea for you to brush yourself up on the existing tenancy laws in the country. I will help you know your rights as a tenant before you sign the contract. 

You should ensure that you read the rental agreement before you sign. After signing, deposit the rent and commission cheques. 

But, make sure you keep with you a copy of the contract and the acknowledgment receipt.


You will find renting a property in the UAE a smooth affair. And with the availability of many property portals, you can shortlist a property to rent quickly. But you should be careful while finalizing the property. Ensure that your landlord has cleared all service charges and there are no maintenance issues. You should also make yourself aware of your rights as a tenant. While you stay on rent, refrain from causing any damages to the property, and maintain a good relationship with the landlord. While renting is a good option for your initial days of moving to the UAE, you should eventually try to purchase a property in the country.

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