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Precautions to Take After an ACL Reconstructions Surgery

petroskiphysio June 2, 2021

ACL surgery can be tricky, and many patients have a lot of concern about it, especially sportspeople. The anterior cruciate ligament or ACL is one of the four major ligaments responsible for holding three joint bones in the knee. 

ACL injuries often culminate in surgery. After that, the patient needs extensive physical therapy to reduce post-surgical issues like pain and swelling and regain mobility with as little stress. 

You need to follow some exercise precautions after ACL reconstruction surgery in Philadelphia. Here, they are.

Bending the Knee

It is advisable not to bend the knee too much while waiting and planning for the therapy. To regain the full range of motion, you have to be able to flex your knee, but it is the therapist’s job to decide how much you should be flexing right after surgery. Try to keep the knee straight as much as possible. 

It is easier if there is a cast, but if you are still planning the therapy after the cast is removed, be extra careful about not bending the knee too much on your own. It could lead to improper healing if you end up disturbing the ligaments. In the same way, you should also be careful about not stretching the knees too much. 

Putting Excessive Weight on the Knee

Try to avoid putting weight or pressure on the knee while waiting for the therapy to begin. This includes trying to walk without assistance or support. ACL reconstruction exercises involve walking and weight training, but they have to be supervised by a therapist. 

However, a minor glitch at this point can disturb the bone alignment. The best way to avoid stress is to walk with crutches or take a wheelchair until your therapy begins. Controlling the quads and strengthening the hamstring muscles are crucial components of the treatment. It won’t do you any good if you end up injuring them again even before therapy began. 

Wearing Braces 

One of the best precautions to take is to wear braces. It will prevent your knees from bending or folding, and so although it can be a little uncomfortable, you should give it a go. However, be cautious about not wearing the braces too tightly as it can interfere with blood circulation. ACL reconstruction exercises will allow you to do all the things you loved and perhaps, in a more enhanced way, but you have to wear braces until then. 

Going for Scheduled Follow-Ups

Not keeping up with your follow-up appointments is one of the worst things you can do for your knees after ACL surgery. The follow-ups will reveal whether the ligaments are healing according to plan. In case of any new issues, it helps determine the therapy that will ease the problem. Unless the therapist clears you, avoid swimming, cycling, or running, unless under the strict supervision of your therapist. 

Exercise precautions after ACL reconstruction surgery in Philadelphia will make the journey smoother for you by avoiding complications. Physical therapy after ACL can be monotonous, and initially, might even hurt you. However, it is the best course of action that will allow you to get back on your feet faster, with the full range of motion. 

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