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Preet 987 Harvester – With Advantage and Price in India

Upadhyaydeven August 2, 2021

In farming, there are various harvesting machines; harvester design and function vary considerably depending on the crop. The modernized combined harvester, also known as a combine, is flexible equipment that can efficiently harvest a wide range of grain crops. Lots of harvesters are available in the market. Preet 987 is one of the harvesters that are a combination of innovative technology.

A combine harvester is a machine that is useful in significant labour-saving inventions, reducing the proportion of the people involved in agriculture by a large margin.

Features of Preet 987 Harvester 

  • The Cutter Bar Width of the Preet 987 harvester is 14 Feet. It is a multi-crop harvester that can be used in all types of crops.
  •  It consists of a Self Propelled power source harvester.
  • It has a 101 HP power engine with around 2200 RPM.
  • A combination of Dry & Wet Type air cleaner is used, and it consists of 6 no. of the cylinder.
  • A water-cooled cooling system is used for effective working in a field.
  • The Clutch that is used in this harvester is a Single, Heavy Duty Dry Clutch.
  • 2 types of gears are used: first is 3 Forward + 1 Reverse, and another is 4 Forward + 1 Reverse.

Price of Preet 987 Harvester

It is a budget-friendly tractor in India. Every small farmer can easily afford the cost of the Preet 987 harvester. Common use and fits in farmers’ budgets. All farmers can purchase it easily in India. Get the best price and stay tuned with Tractor Junction.

These are all about the Preet 987 harvester. We hope you get all the detailed information. For more information, regularly visit Tractor Junction. 

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