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Preparing For Adventure Travel!

Natalie Athanasiadis July 4, 2015


The Adventure Travel

Traveling is adventurous whether you’re strolling through museums and art galleries or skiing in the Alps.  But true adventure travel adds an element of daredevil danger to the trip.  Adventure travel is the kind that has you bungee jumping in the wilderness, swimming with sharks or attempting to summit Everest.

People with the tenacity for true adventure travel tend to be the kind that chose dare every single time Truth or Dare was played.  They were the ones who thought tying a towel around their neck would enable them to fly like Superman and jumped off the roof.  Typically, their first broken bone happened by or before age 5.

Because Adventure Travel involves a higher risk of danger, planning this type of trip is a little different than the average sightseeing or recreational excursion.  Listed are a few things you must not forget.

Check your destination for any travel warnings and alerts.  With the world in so much civil unrest these days, you never know where the next hot spots will be.  Then there are natural disasters to consider.  Earthquakes and floods can create enough of a problem that only aid workers can travel into a specific location.   A good starting place for travel warnings and alerts is your government’s website or ask your booking agent.

Leave a copy of your itinerary and travel documents such as your passport with at least one person.  Frankly, it’s better to leave multiple copies with more than one person in case of misplacement. Documents such as these are easily lost, damaged or stolen and if somebody at home has a copy, it goes a long way toward making replacement easier.  For more ideas of how to handle travel documents, see here.

Prepare for emergencies.  Be sure to have on your person, the contact information for your country’s embassy or consulate.  Know where they are located and if possible, how to get there.  This knowledge alone may save your life and at the very least, it’s a comfort just to have the information.  One of the reasons the embassy or consulate is in place is to be of assistance if required.  Don’t be afraid to seek help if or when the need arises.

Prepare for the worst case scenario.  None of us wants to think about our possible death but at the same time adventure travel does carry a higher risk of possible death.  Don’t be foolish enough to believe it can’t happen to you.  Think of your loved ones back home and how they would feel knowing you died in Tibet but they couldn’t afford to bring your body back home for burial.  An insurance policy that covers those expenses doesn’t cost much and is worth the peace of mind it brings to you and your loved ones.

Consider the possible need for emergency money.  If you happen to be in a foreign country and get robbed, you will need extra cash.  Leave cash and instructions for wiring it to you with somebody back home.  This action has saved many adventurers heaps of trouble over the years.

Set your affairs in order.  Besides preparing for the return of your body in case of death in a foreign country, you need to set your affairs in order at home before leaving.  Make sure your financial matters, including instructions on where your will is kept, is up to date.  To make this process less expensive and virtually painless, you can buy online will kits from reputable sources.

Finally, don’t let all this preparation for the worst scare you.  Go swim with the sharks, sail Cape Horn or rock climb El Capitan.  After all, YOLO!

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