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BlogSEOAdda August 25, 2021

Having an effective complaint handling process is important but that is the equivalent of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted its too late, your customer has already suffered.

Its more effective to know what your customers could potentially complaint about and put it right before it happens.

So what are the common reasons for customer complaints? Mark Bradley of Customer Service Network (, which facilitates in benchmarking, improving processes and implementing improvements to help reduce customer complaints, says,
Financial loss is the obvious reason but the rest can be split into operational and emotional reasons. Legal Transcription Services

In this article we will look at some of the operational and emotional or human issues within your business which could give your customers cause to complain. Take a look at these and examine each part of your business. How do you stand up?

You didnt do what you promised.

When did you last review your advertising material or web site? Do they contain service promises which sounded great at the time but have since been forgotten? For example, do you promise to deliver within 24 hours but changes in processes have meant that is no longer possible? No one may have complained yet but sooner or later someone will.

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