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Pros And Cons Of Gift Cards In 2020

Walterrichards November 24, 2020

Let’s be frank. Everybody loves to accept pay. But if we talk about events such as holidays, birthdays or festivals, handing a friend or family members an amount won’t show your gratitude to the fullest at times!

In this case, you can go for something more thoughtful and get them gifted something they may need or want. Besides this, you can even go on a better route and hand over a gift card. And, you need to read an in-depth article about gift cards and learn how it works before you go ahead with it.

Even so, as favorable as gift cards can be — they have a secure availability. Either it’s a Specialty store, drugstores, or online retailers, you can get quickly as per your pocket condition.

Gift cards no doubt seem like a perfect option, but there are perhaps a few week spots, too. 

So it’s better to weigh both the factors before jumping on a decision.

In comparison to typical gifts, gift cards have many advantages for their consumers. 

So, let’s now take a look at some of the pros of gift cards. 

Pros Of Gift Cards

Pocket Friendly!

Ok, so tell me the frequency of you finding an ideal gift in your decided budget, hard, right? There are possibilities of you finding something appropriate, but the probability that it will fit in your budget is quite less. 

Well, this is obvious, to get something perfect, you don’t always have to negotiate with your payment limit. But instead, you can opt for a smarter option, and a gift card is perfect for this. Initially, you can get a card at your convenience without disturbing your planned budget. 

Freedom Of Choice

Well, you decided to make a purchase, but how confident you are that your choice or preference would be similar to the one who will be receiving it. Accepting a gift and liking it has a difference. 

You bought a gift, they didn’t like it and now either they have to accept it or struggle to exchange it.

So why go for such an option when you jump straight to the deal and allow the recipient to choose something they truly want. Trust me. People will appreciate this better, and also it will ensure that the person desires the thing they are going to have.

Mostly Suitable For All

Thinking from another perspective, you can express your feelings through a gift, buy gift cards usually provide a way of exchanging presents without overdoing it. For instance, if you have to choose something, maybe for your boss, neighbor, or anyone on a semi-close basis, they might feel a bit uncomfortable receiving something cherished and personal. Still, a gift card has just the right touch of gentility in such cases. 

Cons of Gift Cards

Despite the advantages of gift cards, they’re not favorable for everyone, or maybe for every situation.  Let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks of gift cards so that you have a complete picture of their benefits — and their disadvantages.

Less Presentable

Well, you have to agree on this fact that a gift ultimately creates a connection. Also, it somewhat generates curiosity, as well. Suppose you have to get something for someone close to you, now, in this case, handing over a gift card might look a bit odd and won’t sound appealing too. 

It can feel tacked-on like it was just picked up in the grocery store on the way out. Now, this is not the objective that should be delivered to the receiver. So in such a case, either you can add a handwritten note, or attach it to a small, personalized gift to cover this base.

Often Not Used 

Imagine getting a gift card worth rupees 100, when the starting range of that store/brands is 500. Annoying and frustrating, right? Adding a useless amount of money will neither solve any purpose. Instead, it will be wasted even if a person has every intention to use them. 

They might end up forgetting due to its little utility left. To avoid this situation, at least be generous enough and try to include enough on the card to make it worth the recipients while.

Undesired Terms And Conditions 

Are you aware that some of the gift cards include fees and headache conditions? No rocket science, obviously, but different stores/brands will place various restrictions on their gift cards. Many times the rules listed are different between online and in person, or the credited amount can only be used for some limited items. Spick and span before stepping into such gift options as it might end up troubling your receiver. 


Gift cards are not exactly but are somewhat similar to other gifts that you give. 

The only matter of concern here is that before you select one, you must think about the person you are giving the card to, keeping their likes and dislikes in mind. Also, try to go for such maps that will be appreciated and used, not just work as fulfilling your duty of gifting something!

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