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Pros and Cons of Online Business Blogging

lisawheatly October 13, 2016

Did you know that there are over 181 million blogs on the entire internet? Blogging is very popular nowadays, as it is extremely beneficial for almost any type of business. When you create a blog, you are creating an image of yourself or (and) your business.

Pros and Cons of Online Business Blogging

In fact, you’re mainly doing something else: you deliver solutions to potential problems that customers might have. You are basically fulfilling a need or solving a problem by posting useful content and then up-selling your product or service.

Creating an online blog can also very much affect your whole business. You can attract specific targeted audiences and pitch them your services. In fact, online blogging is more often used for creating newsletter lists and capturing the information of a potential customer.

Now let’s talk about few of the PROs and CONs of online business blogging:


  • Awesome Brand Awareness Booster Tool

If you create a base of readers, you will automatically start building a list of enthusiasts who are going to share information about your brand. They will be your best promoters. With not much effort, you can get the word out there.

  • Excellent Analytics

When you own a blog, you also own special tools that let you analyze your target audience. You can find patterns of thinking, optimize your content according to the reader’s needs, and find out what works best for you.

  • User Friendly

You do not need any technical skills in order to operate a blog. Most of the online software are easy to use, and have a lot of instructions incorporated. Once you get used to it entirely, you’ll see that it’s a world full of opportunities.


  • Time consuming

In case you’re going to create the content by yourself, you will pay with a lot of time. Supposing that you’re a good writer and editor, and you can write quality content for your audience, then you’re going to be stuck with content creation.

  • Expensive

Well, if you’re not good with words, then you have to outsource a content creation service. Luckily, there are some cheaper and efficient services, but not many people know about them. Here’s one of my best recommendation of content writing and editing service – TopAussieWriters.

  • Coming up with the best content is often challenging

Even though you or your hired writer can provide good content, sometimes it takes more than just “good”. Content marketing is always going to be fast-paced; just like the market. If you don’t follow the trend, you’re going to suffer.

Content Marketing Tips

Here are some useful tips that should help you once you start with your content marketing journey:

  • Write professional content

By professional you can understand quality. That also refers to the grammar, style, readability, and most importantly usefulness.

When you write your articles, use Hemingway App in order to measure your writing quality.

It is extremely important that your content is also helpful to the reader and delivers enough value.

  • Be consistent

If you ever start blogging, you need to perceive it as a long term business. Your blog has to provide consistent, quality content.

  • Combine Content Marketing with Social Media

Both content marketing and social media are awesome traffic generation tools; if combined together, they can prove to be extremely profitable.



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