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Protect Your Portfolio With Gold And Silver

lenardjohnson November 7, 2016

In today’s volatile market, many people are shifting to gold and silver to insulate their wealth portfolios. Gold and silver are precious substances that have continually been valued throughout history. In the ancient times before the advent of paper currency, gold and silver were the main forms of money and gold’s unique properties and relative scarcity have resulted in most cultures around the world embracing it as money. Today, converting cash into gold has become a popular way of diversifying financial portfolios and helping people protect their money because they understand that paper currency is vulnerable to inflation, and abstract stock market investments carry dangerous third-party liability risks.

Gold has been considered a safe haven against inflation since the dawn of the stock market. This fact can be substantiated by reflecting on the financial crisis of 2008, considered the most dangerous since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The 2008 financial crises saw stocks and bonds plummet sharply in value and alternative portfolios such as real estate and hedge funds followed suit. In 2009, gold prices rocketed, gaining approximately 32% by the end of the year, and this trend continued through 2013. There is a strong possibility that gold will continue on this upward trend for many years to come which underscores the need for investors to diversify. In fact, buying gold in RRSP to invest in has become a popular hedge against inflation as a number of major financial players both in North America and abroad have been turning their eye to precious metals.

Silver has surpassed other precious metals because of its demand as an industrial metal. Every year, more uses for silver are revealed thanks to its exceptional properties from electronics to biotech. Silver’s demand is outgrowing supply which is why it’s such an attractive investment. Silver is also a more affordable and undervalued investment — after all, it takes only 12 ounces of silver to buy 1 ounce of gold, but the present ratio stands at 75:1. People are buying silver now at an affordable price in anticipation that the price will skyrocket in the future.


As any expert will tell you, geopolitical instability has negative impacts on world finances. Markets are extremely sensitive to any threats to economic and corporate prosperity. Markets tend to react sharply to these tensions while a review of risk is underway. For example, recent global conflicts in Syria, North Korea, and Iran have created such instability in world finances that those respective governments have ordered their treasuries to buy more gold and silver to cushion themselves in case of a financial meltdown.

If you are thinking of investing in precious metals consider a wealth management company that can help you secure the metals and even store them for you.If you live in the GTA, consider a company like Guildhall Wealth Management to help you protect your wealth and create long-term prosperity by buying and holding gold, silver and fancycolor diamonds. They have been helping clients preserve their wealth since 2002 from threats like crashing stock markets, dollar devaluation, and inflation. Gold and silver are the world’s top inflation evaders as they have been proven over time to preserve or increase their value during short term and long terms inflationary periods, so if you’d like to protect and diversify your portfolio make the switch to gold, silver and fancy color diamonds today.

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