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John November 16, 2021

Meetings are as varied in purpose and organization as the speakers who take the stage at these events. They can be global, national, or regional in scope. After you’ve decided on the meeting’s objective, theme, and structure, the next step is to find and hire the best speakers for the occasion.

You may wish to employ and retain two sorts of speakers for your event. There are two types of speakers: keynote and plenary. Both contribute to the success of your meeting, but for different reasons.

The Keynote Speaker

The fundamental goal of a Keynote Speaker is to restate and emphasize the meeting’s principal point or theme. The term keynote refers to the main and underlying theme of a bigger idea in public speaking, which is why a Keynote Speaker’s address usually connects to the reason or purpose of a meeting.

A keynote speaker and their speech are frequently chosen to generate interest in and lure attendance to an event, such as a conference or major meeting sponsored by a corporate or association.

Choosing a keynote speaker who is well-known for his or her competence in an area or who has a large name recognition owing to other accomplishments helps increase interest in a meeting or conference among potential participants. In a short amount of time, this speaker should be able to capture the substance of your meeting and showcase it to your audience.

An opening keynote speaker and a closing keynote speaker may be included in the keynote presentation. An opening keynote speaker is called in to set the tone and highlight the event’s main message or most significant revelation.

To end a conference on a high note and leave attendees feeling optimistic, a closing keynote speaker will be hired. It is not uncommon to have a different Keynote Speaker for each day of an event if it is hosted over a longer period of time.

A Plenary Speaker

Unlike a professional speaker or an outside expert on a subject who is called in to be a headline keynote speaker, a Plenary Speaker is generally from within an organization, the same industry, or a similar one.

A plenary session is a conference session that all members of both parties are expected to attend. The substance of such a session might range from keynotes to panel debates, and it is not always tied to a particular style or deliberative process.

Mini Plenary Sessions are held at several meetings. These are frequently concurrent sessions that focus on topics relevant to a certain industry sector or a specific facet of a practice that applies to all sectors. All registrants are normally welcome to attend mini-plenary sessions.

However, the terms keynote and plenary speaker are now interchangeable in many businesses.

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