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Questions on Microchipping for Pets that Most Owners Are Interested In

VeterinaryClinic August 26, 2021

Around 8 million animals end up in shelters and rescue centers every year. The sad news is only a small percentage of lost animals are reclaimed by their owners. Microchipping for pets is one of the best ways to increase the possibility of finding your pets if they happen to get lost or wander too far from their homes and lose their way.           

If you haven’t microchipped your pet yet, you might have several questions about microchipping in your mind.

What is microchipping for pets?

Microchipping is the high-tech chip that is placed under the skin of an animal, usually a pet, (for instance between the shoulder blades) by using a needle. This high-tech chip is assigned a unique identification number that can be scanned and read by a scanner. The process of microchipping can be done to various animals, such as dogs, cats, horses,and ferrets.                      

How much time does microchipping take? Who should I see for microchipping my pet?

The process of microchipping itself doesn’t take more than a few seconds. However, it might take some time to complete the paperwork and documentation. While it is not necessary to be done by a vet, it is highly recommended that you see a veterinarian for microchipping your pet.

Does microchipping hurt an animal?

Microchipping doesn’t hurt more than an injection does. Though it is a large needle, it feels just like a pinch. A lot of pet owners choose to have their petsmicrochipped when their pets are being spayed or neutered. Most animals don’t even flinch when getting microchipped.

How much does microchipping for pets costin the UAE?

The cost of microchipping for pets ranges typically from Dh 75 to Dh 150. However, the cost might be higher. The price varies basically depending on the brand you choose and the policy of the veterinarian or professional who will complete the microchipping for your pet. If you choose to have your pet microchipped while getting other things done, then it might cost less.

How will microchipping help me if l cannot find my pet?

Microchipping is the best solution only when someone picks your pet and gives your pet to an animal shelter, a vet’s office, or a rescue center and gets the chip scanned.

Many people think that a microchip is like a GPS or tracker device and they can track their pets from anywhere. However, this is not the case. A microchip only works if someone scans the chip and tells the informationabout to whom the pet belongs.

Once they obtain the chip’s number and the company that manufactures the chip, the scanning personnel can contact the company to find the pet’s owner.

Another important thing that you must know is that the microchip is useful only if you have proper registration done. To benefit from microchipping, you must submit your registration properly. You must complete the paperwork and ensure that the chip is registered to you.

Besides, you must keep the registration details current, including your phone number and address.

In general, microchipping lasts for 25 years, which is enough for most pets.

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