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Questions to ask yourself before hiring a furniture storage service

sfhandyman October 25, 2021

Families often have to consider furniture storage service while shifting to a new location. There are varieties of storage service options available in the in the market to assist an easy experience with storing and shifting their furniture. There are some crucial things that should be considered before hiring a storage service company.

There are two major storage service options available:

  • Self-storage service

As the name suggests, you have to do it yourself if you opt for a self-storage service. Unlike a full storage service, you have to move in your furniture into the storage at your own cost.

Sometimes the storage company provides an incentive to the customer to use their storage, by offering them a free or discounted moving option. But they are likely to provide the offer for certain customers within guidelines for volume and time of storage. 

  • Moving and storage service 

This is the full storage service that assists their customers with complete moving and storage service. They are ready to fulfil both needs of their customers and there are lots of advantages of choosing a moving and storage company rather than going for a self-storage option. A self-storage service basically helps you with the space only, while a moving and storage service is the one-stop solution for your entire allocation process. Opting for this dual service from a single company can also help the customers to get some generous discount. This option can save both your time and effort and it is much more convenient to rely on a single company for the entire process than to manage two different companies in the same task. 

Things to know before you finally deal with a storage service:

There are various furniture storage services available in the market to assist you. They have their own unique offers for their customers. You can simply search for furniture storage services online and the internet will provide you a list of all the potentially best options around you. You can simply go through their websites and check their customers’ reviews to know more about their services. You can compare their offers on the basis of certain questions that might help you to make the best pick from them. Some important questions to consider before opting for a storage service are, as follows:

  • Do they cater to different sizes of furniture?

Make sure that the furniture storage company is ready to provide a secure storage unit for all the small and large furniture of your house. You won’t like to deal with two different companies for different sizes of your furniture. 

  • Are you paying for your items or their space?

Different storage service companies can charge you on different bases. Some of them ask you to pay for an entire storage unit, which means you have to pay for the space that is not even utilized by you. While some of them ask for the charges on items, you only have to pay for the space utilized by your furniture. Well, the benefits in both cases depend on some other factors i.e., if you have bulky furniture that might cover the entire storage unit then it is better to pay for the space rather than paying for the item.

  • Are they easy to access?

Make sure that they are at a convenient distance and ready to work for you when you need to get the task done. They must be able to appear on the scheduled day of allocation. 

Forget not to personally check the storage unit to make sure that your furniture is safe after you hand it over to the company.

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