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Reading NCERT books for the UPSC exam

eliteiascoaching June 15, 2021

As an IAS aspirant, you may have bought several books to get useful information. However, you have overlooked the NCERT books of your school life. It is the biggest mistake of several IAS candidates, before reading NCERT books, they move on to other reference books of different authors. They do not know the value of those books. However, the truth is that NCERT books help in developing a strong knowledge base. You can analyze the previous years’ questions. You will find how UPSC has chosen questions from those books. There are both direct and indirect questions from NCERT books.

Professional trainers at online IAS coaching institutes also instruct their candidates to read NCERT books. Why are these books important?

• Understandable language- NCERT Books provide you with information in an easily interpretable way. You will have a better understanding of the subject.

• Written by reliable writers- The authors of NCERT books are highly reputed, and you will find detailed and well-researched information.

• Authentic- Authenticity is one of the major reasons for choosing NCERT books. Government institutions and agencies have provided the details published in the books.

• Standard source of information for any exam- NCERT books are the standard choices to prepare for any competitive exams. Thus, you can rely on them for your preparation.

• Accurate information- The thoroughly checked information in NCERT books has no flaws. You will get accurate details on different topics.

• Best for understanding new concepts- The highly organized content of the books covers a range of topics. When you like to have a clear concept, you may read NCERT books. These books have presented the information in a precise way.

You have two ways of reading NCERT books. You may go through them based on the-

• Subjects- Choose the subject that you need to read and decide on your NCERT book.

• Class/standards- You can start reading from 6th standard books.

Guide to reading NCERT books for IAS exam-

It is very easy to go through the 6th standard books. Still, you must not read them fast. Read every chapter slowly to have a clear understanding. Moreover, you can find a flow between chapters, and thus, you must not skip them. It is one of the most important steps to get the optimal value from your NCERT books.

Reread the UPSC subjects multiple times. During your first-time reader, you may have flipped through the pages to know the chapters and topics. Now, as it is the second time you read the books, you have to understand the concepts. You must not overlook any topic while reading your NCERT books.

The knowledge you have gained from one chapter may be needed for another chapter. Understand every detail of the book and select the important parts that can be the source of UPSC questions. Do revisions and make sure that you feel comfortable with the chosen topics. You may try to solve questions added to the end of the chapters.

As you are now familiar with the subjects, you can read without pause. In some cases, you may have missed some parts and relevant facts. During the final reading, you can trace them. You can create notes concisely to read them before the day of your UPSC exam. With these steps, it will be easy to prepare for the UPSC IAS exam.

Another important thing is that you can correlate the daily events in newspapers to your UPSC subjects. For instance, you may have heard about the poverty alleviation scheme created by the government. You can look for information about other schemes introduced in the past years. It helps in combining the static UPSC syllabus with the current affairs.

These are some ways, in which you have to go through your NCERT books. To get better tips, you can look for the online UPSC coaching institute. The training academy will provide you with useful resources. Moreover, by interacting with instructors, you can solve your queries. After reading the NCERT books, you can go through the study materials provided by your training academy in Delhi. The best academy offers online training opportunities. You will get trained while staying at your home. You will save time to prepare for the UPSC exam.

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