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Reasons as to Why You Should Have An iPhone

Marta Jordan January 2, 2019

Androids are no doubt excessively popular. Most of these phones have compelling cameras and amazing designs. The software customization options and the hardware varieties available are also impressive. Why then a chunk of people still go for iPhones despite their high prices? Well, there are numerous reasons behind that, some of which have been dished out below-

  • Apple phones are way faster than Android phones. Would you love to face problems while editing a 4K video? Do you enjoy waiting for large files to open? If not, then the iPhone should be your choice. Even the most advanced Android versions are slower than the iPhone camp. Everyone who hates waiting and wants their phone to be fast can opt for an iPhone.
  • It’s not that Android phones are slow, is just that iPhones are way too fast. And this helps you play intensive games on these phones without any time lag. You also get a smooth experience of using augmented reality apps that are too demanding.
  • You get great software integration and hardware. The iPhone 6s shot to fame by introducing 3D touch display. This technology was used in all the iPhones that came to the market after that, except one. This is an advanced technology that is able to sense pressure. This enables the user to make use of the phone’ home screen to take actions quickly by simply touching an app icon and then long pressing it.
  • Even the iPhone 8 plus is special because it has got the portrait mode which enables you to use great lighting effects with just a tap of your finger. The iPhone X has the ability to scan your face so that you can be logged into your phone account without hassle. The specialty of this technology is that it will recognize you even if you grow your beard or start wearing spectacles. iPhone face ID is far too advanced than Androids.
  • iPhone is probably the easiest phone to operate. There is no dearth of people who complain about the fact that there is never any change in how the iOS looks and feels. In fact, it has been the same over the years. But don’t you think it is a boon that it hasn’t changed the way the user feels?
  • Using iPhone is as simple as taking the phone in your hand, switch it on and just tap on the app that you want to use. Control center and Siri are some enhancements that iOS has included over the years. Still the user interface is not much complicated.
  • You will be surprised to know that a lot of developers still choose iPhone to launch their apps. And that is why you can find the hottest new apps on iOS first. You can take the instance of Instagram- it first launched itself on the iPhone, and after its launch on iPhone, it made its debut on Android, that too about two years later.

If you are already bowled over by the qualities of an Apple product, and you are really thinking about where to buy iPhone, then a good search online could help you immensely.

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