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Reasons behind no draining of the washing machines

Davy Greene August 12, 2015

washing machines

Everyone likes clean and fresh clothes but no one likes to do laundry. Although with smooth working washing machines, laundry seems easy but if the washing machines stops working or simple wont drain then the stress of any individual doubles. If the homeowners find an issue with their washing machine, either they can try to fix it by themselves or call a plumber which can access the issue and fix the faults. There are many reasons for the drain clogging of the washing machines. Here are a few common reasons faced by most homeowners of Sydney. When washing machines do not drain; there can be several reasons behind it. Some of causes which are faced by most of the homeowners of Sydney are:

Drive Belt

The drive belt is a part of the machine and help in the running of the mechanism. The drive belt wears off with time and usage. If the washer stops draining; the first thing to be checked is the drive belt. IF the drive belt is worn out, too tight or broken, the washer will not drain. To keep the drive belt in good shape, the washer should not be overloaded and the correct mode should be selected for different types of loads.


The blockages in the drum or the drainage tube causes the drain to block and the washer does not drain. The main reason due to which blockages occur is that coins, pens, or other loose things usually kept in the pockets of the clothes get struck in the drainage tube. Most people check the pockets, but even a onetime mistake can cause a lot of trouble. Other foreign material like dog hair and fluff also block the drain pipe. These blockages of the drain pipe which is caused by human error and not by the machine parts are not covered by the manufacturers. Thus, one should call the plumber to remove any of these blockages or else the washing machine can suffer some serious damage and may become permanently dysfunctional.

Pump Problems

If the drain pipe is all right and working fine, then the next thin which needs to be checked in the pump of the washer. There may be a problem with the pump and it may be failing to clear out the water which is causing it to clog in the drum. The pump may not be working properly or some electrical connections may be loose. The best course of action is to wither call the washing machine service guarantee or to call the plumbers if the machine warranty period is over.

Spilling of water

If the water spills out of the washing machine, then there is a problem with the drainage of the washing machine. The water spills may be caused by the blockage of the drain pipe. The water backs up because of the blockage and leak out. They may be blockage in the trap which is installed in the drain standpipe.

When the washing machines don’t drain, follow these steps to find out the cause and call the plumbers Sydney to prevent any damage to the washing machine.

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