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Reasons to replace your home insulation

Allwin Malson July 27, 2015

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The most obvious reason why you should replace your home insulation is to reduce your energy bills and to make your living space more comfortable. But there are a few more advantages of maintaining your insulation from time to time.

Insulation will tend to degrade over time. It will lose its thickness and the material will lose its integrity after a few years. In this post, I will like to share my knowledge about a few specific reasons why you must have a professional service replace the insulation on a regular basis.

Reduced Utility Bills

If you notice that there’s notable increase in your utility bills, it is a sign that there is cold/warm draft. It is a sign that your home insulation needs upgrade or replacement. It will help in regulating the temperature and keeping the bills low.

Do you notice any inconsistency in temperatures? Improper insulation or degraded insulation is one of the main reasons behind this. In many cases, the temperature variation will exist in the form of one or two rooms having abnormal temperatures. When you step into a room, it will feel different. In my experience, insulation is the No.1 reason in most of these cases.

Avoid Drafts in Rooms

Do you know that air escaping from air leaks in your home is almost equivalent to keeping one window open for an entire year? There are many gaps in your home that cause drafts. These holes can be anywhere – the attic, doors and windows, the electoral outlets, and even in recessed lighting. You should not only replace the insulation, you must also fill up those gaps and holes.

Uncontrolled Temperature

Almost 20% of heated air in the ducts is lost because of poor insulation and air leaks. For example, when cold air enters your living space, it reduce the internal temperature, forcing the furnace to work harder. This results in the creation of uncontrolled temperature in your home. Therefore, both insulation and air sealing should be upgraded or replaced to have more control over the temperature. A fresh layer of insulation helps in creating a protective layer that keeps the draft out.

Air Quality

Replacing home insulation and air sealing will also help in improving the air quality. It helps in addressing various air quality concerns by controlling both moisture and air flow, thus helping in minimizing pollutants and dust.

Enhanced Comfort

As already mentioned in the beginning, replacing home insulation will help in enhancing comfort. It will help reduce or eliminate air leaks and drafts, making your home feel more comfortable without the need to force your heating/cooling system to work harder (and wasting energy).

Eliminating Pests

I have many times seen pest infestations around old and worn out insulation, especially in the basements and attics. Replacing those old and ineffective insulation materials is an effective way to not only maintain your home’s temperature, but also to create a safer and cleaner environment.

Environmental Benefits

Among all these reasons of air quality, reduced energy costs and comfort, environmental benefit is one unique advantage to replacing home insulation. This is another reason why most homeowners don’t think about when it comes to replacing that old insulation.

The materials used in the past weren’t as eco-friendly as the ones available today. When you replace the old insulation, you will be getting safer materials that help in creating a better environment, both in your home and for the entire world.

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The Author is one of the leading experts in home insulation in the Calgary marketplace. A veteran with several decades of experience in basement and attic insulation Calgary, he has serviced thousands of homes in the Metropolitan area.

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