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Refund from TAP Air Portugal: Everything you should know about it

myfaresadda September 23, 2021

TAP airlines provide the best passenger-carrying services and let the customer experience the best travelling experience. However, due to some unexpected situations, a person needs to cancel their bookings as well as all plans. It can create an issue for those who are not aware of the refund process to get a refund from TAP Portugal. If you are struggling with the same, then you can go with this write-up, with you are going to learn about policy as well as the entire getting refund process. 

What is the Refund policy of TAP Air Portugal?

You need to meet certain points, and only then you can get a full refund from airlines. It is nothing but a policy that contains all types of cancellations and in which you are eligible to get refunds. 

  • It might happen that you made choices within 24 hours of purchasing, and then you can get the full refund of airlines. However, the same day of booking and travelling is not eligible to get a refund. 
  • Those who carry non-refundable tickets are not eligible to get refunds in any type of cancellation. However, if the cancellation is not voluntarily, then you might get a refund from the airlines. 
  • If you are a premium flyer book member, then you might need to contact the person, and they will not charge any kind of cancellation charges for cancelled tickets. 
  • When the reason behind cancellation is related to the medical or sudden legal notice, you can get a full refund, but you need to provide documents for this. 
  • You can get a refund of only tickets that are not rewarded. However, you may use coupons or miles for reservations. In such conditions, you might have to wait for the points or same-day flight.
  • You are eligible to get refunds only when the ticket is not expired. Before that, you can apply for this at any moment and get refunds. 

You can see when you can get a refund from airlines. So, if you have recently cancelled the flight, then making a quick choice or applying can help get a a quick refund from airlines. Once you do this, then you need to direct some steps. 

How can I apply for a refund with TAP Air Portugal?

  • Go to the TAP Air Portugal airlines website. 
  • Here at the top of the page, you can have the option for a refund. It sometimes shows, “get a refund with TAP Air Portugal.”
  • When you click on this, you will see a new window, which is the beginning of the refund process. 
  • Here TAP air will give you three forms that will take a few minutes to fill. 
  • In the first form, you need to mention all the ticket’s information. If you have booked tickets for a round trip, then you might have to mention that too, as they will automatically cancel 
  • Next, you have to mention the details of the passenger, like the number of people and their age. 
  • On the second page, you need to mention the mode of payment. Make sure you remember the correct answer, as this will decide when you are going to receive a refund. 
  • In the second form, you may come with a method where you used both checks and points to make payment. Here you can connect with a person and let them know about the process. 
  • In the third form, you have to mention the cause of the cancellation. It will help you to get the full refund from airlines if it is a cancellation due to involuntary. But for personal cancellation, you need to describe the reasons, and if possible, you can add documents that will help the airlines to make a choice. 
  • After all the forms, you need to go through them just to check whether the provided information is correct or wrong. 

In this way, you have to run steps and get a refund from them. However, it may take some time, as the payment made with cash or offline takes approximately 15 to 20 business days. And for the online method, points, check, you can get a refund within 6 to 7 days. It may happen that you find trouble while running the method. In that case, you can rely on tap Portugal customer service number and ask for a refund. They will ask for some details, and after verification, they run the refund process. So here, you can opt for any method and get a refund from TAP Air Portugal airlines. 

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