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Remove Stumps Before They Become a Landscaping Nightmare

lenardjohnson October 24, 2016

There are lot of issues that can threaten the health of your property. Fungal rot and damage to the trunk or root system can cause the trees on your lawn to become dangerous. Sick, dying, and dead trees may have loose limbs and other pieces that can fall during high winds — which, in Edmonton, is par for the course, especially when it comes to winter, a vastly approaching season. These falling branches can harm you and your family, and, if they’re nearby powerlines, sheds, or your house, the broken limb could cause critical structural damage. If you suspect your trees are vulnerable to the upcoming winter storms, you need to invest in professional tree removal Edmonton homeowners trust.


A popular landscaping style nowadays is to keep the stump after removing the infected or dead parts of the tree. Though pictures of these stumps, full of flowers and other quaint landscaping knickknacks may look good on Pinterest, it’s not a good look for your own front or backyard. Suckers may grow from its base, giving it an ugly, shaggy look. These suckers may also shoot across your yard, as the underground system of roots begins to spread. If given enough time, these roots can interfere with other parts of your landscape. They have enough strength to lift sidewalks, cement walkways, and patios, creating a tripping hazard for anyone trying to enjoy your place.

They do more than upset the look of your property. They can become breeding grounds for pests that you don’t want near your home. Wasps, hornets, and termites look for crevices and hollows in dead stumps in order to create their homes. Their presence on your property will make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer months. These invasive insects can also set their sights on your home and transplant themselves, causing damage to your siding and roof.

Disease is also rampant in left behind trunks, which is why it’s important to invest in Edmonton stump removal when you remove any trees. Honey fungus can start growing under the bark and eventually send out mass colonies of bacterial threads through the soil. Creeping root-like cords will be present year round, producing mushrooms in the summer and autumn, while killing perennials and woody plants.

Knowing the disadvantages of keeping your stump, it’s obvious you need the help of an Edmonton arborist. With a crew full of f trained arborists, the team at Chipps Tree Care is exactly that professional that can help you remove threats from your property. As you can read at they have stump removal services that coincide with their tree removal services, all of which are low-impact and safe for your home and surrounding property. Together, you’ll be able to make sure your landscape looks great and is healthy while doing it.

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