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Renovations that can increase the resale value of your home

Allwin Malson March 29, 2016

If you are planning to give your home a renovation that can actually add to its resale value you cannot really go about renovating all and everything that you wish to change for better. You need to consider the expenses on those renovations and how much value they are expected to bring in to the total price, before you can start spending on them. This article will tell you about some of the best renovation ideas that can directly add to the resale price of your home. Read on,

Take care of the construction: The construction of your home is directly related to its value. So, checking out if the construction part of the home is sound and secure and renovating it according to necessity is vital for getting the right resale value. When it comes to the construction, start with the basement. Check out if there are any water leakage in the basement and if the foundation of the construction is in the best condition. In case, it is not, spend on renovating it in the best way. The sewage and drainage systems are also vital parts of the construction that needs to be renovated according to necessity to get the best resale value. If a buyer gets into your home and finds that the construction is in the right condition and they do not need to spend on it, they are sure to offer a better price.

Renovate the kitchen: Kitchens are still considered as one of the most vital parts in any home, so investing in renovating the kitchen is something that can actually add to the resale value of your home. A new paint on the walls is surely the first and easiest thing that you can do to give the kitchen a completely fresh look. Apart from that also opt for installing good quality granite countertops if you do not already have them in place. Adding sufficient wooden cabinets and modular kitchen accessories is the other section to spend on. The energy saving latest kitchen appliances can also be a great addition. However, keep in mind that you are renovating your kitchen to be a perfect match for a family and not for a restaurant, and plan your renovations accordingly.

Spend in remodeling the bathrooms: According to latest studies, bathroom renovations can actually add immensely to the value of your home. Customers are ready to pay off a higher price for a home with beautiful and well-designed bathrooms. If the space in your bathroom is not sufficient for a bath tub, opt for walk in showers. The steam showers with shower walls are quickly becoming a popular choice and they can actually impress any buyer to pay a higher price for the property. In case, the grouts of the bathroom flooring are not in best condition, opt to replace them with new ones and covering up the bathroom walls with tiles can also be a good idea that is sure to pay off.

Add more space: Adding more space in your home can be a great way to increase its value. If you have a bigger garden with your home, you can surely opt for adding up a few rooms with your existing house depending on the demand of real estate in your area. If you are not very interested about spending on a new construction you can simply renovate the basement of your home to add more living space. If the construction of your home is suitable, you can also opt for adding a mezzanine floor in your home, which can greatly increase the space and also the value of the home.

Author Bio: The Author has been an interior décor expert, with specialization in Hardwood floors, Laminate and Carpet Calgary for many years. He has serviced hundreds of homes in Alberta and continues to provide services to new and existing clients. When he is not working, he likes to share his knowledge with his avid readers and followers by writing articles online.

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