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Reupholstery, How Can it Benefit You?

articlespostsharing April 30, 2021

Furniture Reupholstery NYC is work performed by an upholsterer on a piece of furniture from the inside through the outside cover to bring it back to its original quality or better. This process may require re-gluing joints, webbing, re-tying springs, new padding and applying a cover of your choice.
Why Reupholster
Reupolstery may be considered for various reasons, such as:
–         Fabric worn
–         Change decor
–         Sentimental value
–         Correct size for room
–         Good quality frame better than new furniture
–         Favorite chair
A good frame is well worth reupholstering. Quality frames are made of hard woods, such as maple, ask, oak, alder. These woods are strong and stand the test of time. An upholsterer can tell them by their weight. They are heavy.
Good frames are double doweled and have wood corner blocks fastened with screws. Loose furniture joints can be re-glued by the upholsterer.
The upholsterer can also re-style the frame. An upholsterer can make a flat arm round or a round arm flat. They can make a sofa into a loveseat.
As you can see, the frame is the key to a quality piece of upholstered furniture.
A good quality piece of furniture will usually have hand-tied springs.    The eight-way hand-tie uses coil springs. Coil springs are the longest lasting, flexible and most resilient.
Springs are fastened to webbing. Webbing is stretched across and fastened to the base of the chair or sofa. Jute webbing is used because of its quality and strength.
There are different types of padding and filling used in furniture to shape the chair. This padding comes in different degrees of firmness, such as soft, medium and firm.
Some of the padding used today is polyurethane foam, Dacron, and cotton. Other filling and padding is hair blends, such as horsehair. Hair blends are not used in new furniture today for many reasons. One  reason being that it is very labor intensive to work with. Down is still used today, but not as much as in the past
Applying the fabric is the final step to a good upholstery job. The upholstery shop can offer you a large selection of fabrics. Fabrics have different fibers, blends and texture types. An upholsterer can offer you advice about the fabric,such as how it will contour to your piece of furniture and its durability.  
Custom-made Furniture polishing services NYC
If the upholsterer looks at your piece of furniture and tells you that it is worth reupholstering, what you get back after reupholstery is in the class of custom-made.

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