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Safety steps up in theater aisle and step lighting in NYC

skyseoroundtable December 30, 2021

Why is safety lighting in venues important?

Wellbeing lighting like Auditorium Aisle and Step Lighting for settings is essential to give benefactors a pathway to stroll in and out of scenes and explore around them securely. During show times, most scenes are faintly lit so having any type of departure lighting is a need for the security of supporters. The Aisle/Pathway/Egress Lighting prerequisite is to have essentially 0.2 foot candles of light on all consistently of activity to meet The NFPA Life Safety Code and assuming that it isn’t met, there will be fines given upon examination.

Around here at All Cinema Sales and Services, we ensure scenes are illuminated to code and ensure benefactors are protected with Aisle Pathway Lighting

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