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Sage Payroll Tax Update Released for Sage 300 ERP

holmesjay November 24, 2022

The Install Sage 50 2020 Payroll Tax Tables Update is an update on the previous updates and it has a lot to offer. This update includes changes to payroll tax tables, required minimum contributions for new retirement plans, and more!

For the many businesses that use the software, Sage 50 is an easy-to-use software solution that incorporates payroll taxes. As stated in this article, you’ll be learning about the Install Sage 50 2020 Payroll Tax Tables Update.

The Install Sage 50 2020 Payroll Tax Tables Update comes with many key changes for all of your payroll tax dates. This update makes 2019 tax tables’ official, as well as adding information on the “Sale of Goods and Services Act”, which is a new name for the sales tax act. This article will help you better understand the changes and what they could mean for your business.

What’s New and Important To Know?

The Sage Payroll Tax Tables Update provides important information on changes that have been made to the product. The update includes new features, updated tables, and resolved issues.

Some of the key updates include:

  • Updated table for 2017 tax year
  • Updated table for 2018 tax year
  • Added support for Louisiana state taxes
  • Added support for California state taxes
  • Added support for Texas state taxes
  • Resolved an issue with calculating payroll deductions using ranges rather than exact amounts.

Sage Payroll Tax Tables Update: What’s New and Important To Know

In the latest update to Sage Payroll Tax Tables, there are a few new features and changes that you may want to be aware of. First, the tables now include updated federal tax rates as of January 1, 2019. Additionally, there are several updates to state tax tables, including new state tax codes and effective dates. Finally, the payroll processing software has been updated to support Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

Why is this Update Important to know about?

The Sage Payroll Tax Tables update includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Updated tax table to reflect changes in 2018 tax laws.
  • New Calculated Tax Credits wizard to make calculating taxes simpler.
  • Support for new payroll formats, such as the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Quebec Pension Plan (QPP).
  • Improved user interface.

This update is important for users who need to prepare their taxes for 2018, as it includes updated tax tables that match the latest changes in 2018 federal tax legislation. The Calculated Tax Credits wizard makes calculating taxes simpler by providing step-by-step instructions on how to calculate various types of credits and deductions. This update also supports new payroll formats, such as CPP and QPP, which can be more efficient for employers. Finally, the user interface has been improved to make using Sage Payroll more straightforward.

How do these updates affect my knowledge of payroll tax tables?

The Sage Payroll Tax Tables Update includes updates to the tax tables and other information related to payroll taxes. The most important changes include:

  • Updated wage and salary income ranges
  • Updated withholding rates
  • Revised employee classification methods

If you are using Sage Payroll, it is important that you update your software to take advantage of these updates. In order to use the updated tables, you will need to open the SagePayroll module from within your accounting software and load the updated tables. You can also find a link to the download on our website.


As businesses continue to evolve and grow, it is important for payroll managers to stay up-to-date with the latest tax laws and updates. This article covers some of the most important things you need to know about the Sage 50 2020 Payroll Tax Tables update, How to Convert Sage Intacct Data to QuickBooks Online Including what’s new and how you can use them to save time and money on your taxes. If you’re looking to make your payroll process as efficient as possible, be sure to check out the Sage 50 2020 Payroll Tax Tables update!

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