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Sales Appointment Setting – A Question of Geometry?

jessicajack September 30, 2021

Surprising, isn’t it? The number of smart business types trying to fit a square peg into a round hole with their approach to sales management. Does not fit! It never will. Open yourself to new options.

A smart sales rep wants to sell. That is all. There are no cold calls. No prospecting. Don’t schedule meetings. No paperwork. You want to get in front of the customer and take action. (See: Closing the Deal) The problem is: Overloaded sales management thinks they must push the cocky sales staff to develop a skill set that focuses more on the mundane tasks of sales planning. Ridiculous! Delegate the work to someone else.

Before you say that it costs too much to hire new staff to work for sales reps, you really need to consider ROI appointment setters. MaSM LLC studies in late 2007 show that sales productivity can more than double and cash flow is similar to ocean waves when using appointment schedulers.

A sales appointment scheduler is an introvert who prefers to make a connection over the phone and set the stage for the artist. The sales star is an extrovert focused on the gratification of the sale and the money and bragging rights it brings. Two different halves of the sales equation that give an incredible result.

Setting up sales appointments brings real meaning to the most used word in business today: synergy. Pair up with sales appointment schedulers and even the most average sales reps and you have a team that will beat quotas and projections. ROI will finally mean something.

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