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Say No To Struggle! Learn Ways To Cope With Exhaustion at Work

alicebarianna January 30, 2021

Workplace fatigue is no hidden secret. It’s the unwanted facade that can attack any of the employees at any time of the day. Even before the pandemic hit us with its outrage, employees have been disengaged at work from time to time for a lot of reasons. But now people are left to their own devices since the unprecedented attack of the pandemic. 

At some point, you have to struggle with your life and work. While brushing your teeth or taking a shower you are thinking all the gibberish, good or bad, that may happen at work. All that stress is going to affect you sooner or later.

But let me tell you this, if you are reading this article, it means you are already going through it. I suspect you have trouble sleeping or waking up in the morning. So, did you ever let anyone give your the right advice or push you softly in the right direction?

Did it work for you?


Then don’t worry. Maybe you just need to realize that you can cope up with your exhausting routine in a much better way.  Don’t know how? Keep reading on and you will know what to do. 

Focus on Your Health 

I just cannot put enough emphasis on this point. Nothing comes before your health, not even the early morning meeting with a client. If the client is so important for your business then learn to take care of your mind and body first of all. How’s that for a change?

Working too much and not getting enough sleep already taking a toll on you (you reading this article is proof) and therefore you need the best medicine for boosting your immune system available in the market. After all, if you want to set the track straight then let it begin with yourself. A balanced diet and some immune-boosting supplements can really help you out in the long run. All the exhaustion will be balanced once you get rid of poor health and nutritional deficiencies. 

Take a Walk to Recharge 

Why not? At some point, you just need to relax. But if you still feel you have to do something and can’t sit idle, then go for a quiet walk. Movement is the language of the brain and once you get the physical activity going, your body will thank you. 

To get rid of that lethargic feeling of depression and fatigue you had all day in the office, you need to focus on the efficient ways to become active – say hello to exercise. 

Walking is the simplest form of a work routine. You need to walk with one goal in mind i.e. to relax. Let it influence your brain optimistically. This will increase the oxygenation in your brain too and reduce stress. 

Sleep Like a Baby 

Cant keep working like a zombie without giving yourself much rest. Or you can kiss the productivity and efficiency out of the window right now. 

I get it, some of us are just born workaholics but even so, you need to recharge yourself. How many cups of coffee can you take? Your system will run out of caffeine and you will get addicted to it too much to let it have any effect on you. Sleep disruption is yet another cause of exhaustion in an active workplace. Doesn’t matter if you are even a photographer or how creative your job is until you have good night’s sleep you can hardly be creative the next day right?

Work is Not Life 

You love your work, it’s awesome that you do. But you need to draw a fine line between work and personal life. Too much work and all the limits will go blurry in a moment. So the first question you need to ask yourself is, “are you working too much?” or “do you love what you do?”

Life is short, that’s what the pandemic taught us. Everything is in front of us and yet we keep seeking more and more, never living in the present. 

Pandemic has taught us that work is not life, your family is. Do not let your work goals suck the life out of you. Learn to live a little day by day. Whether you want to sleep, watch a movie, or just try a smoothie you have been wanting to try for ages! 

It’s time you make a living out of your work bed. So get yourself moving, take a long good bath, pamper yourself and bring the much-needed change. Break the comfort zone the right way. 

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