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Search mobile home parts store near you to design your home!

alinabeths April 5, 2021

Having an option of purchasing a manufactured or pre-built home is now widely considered. It helps consumers to make their dream of homeownership into reality. Earlier it was restricted because of the cost of traditional homes that are built onsite. With the advancements in the construction industry, we have achieved a solution for people having budget constraints. People can opt for pre-built house- manufactured and modular homes. They are affordable, attractive, and can be customized according to the buyer’s requirements. It makes mobile homes an emerging option for new homeowners. 

Financing a Manufactured Home:

If you want to purchase a manufactured home, you need to know the following things while financing it:

  • It is purchased separately from the land it will sit. A personal property loan is the most common source of financing. 
  • These types of loans carry a higher interest rate than traditional mortgages. If you purchase the manufactured home and the land together, a conventional mortgage might be available. Although, loan terms and programs vary from lender to lender. 
  • The Federal Housing Administration and Department of Veterans Affairs have manufactured-housing loan programs to promote affordable housing among the target group of people- young individuals, lower-income bracket.
  • You can search discount mobile home parts near me to get amazing deals. It will also lower your expenditure.  

Manufactured and modular homes:

  • Place of construction:

Manufactured homes are completely constructed in a factory. After that, they are transported to the home site, where professionals will install it. Once they arrive at their destinations, the visual difference from traditional homes is negligible. They are not usually moved again. The overall process from start to finish is overseen with regularity and accuracy by the professionals. It avoids many delays and interruptions in traditionally built homes. 

A modular home is also built in a factory-like setting. Similarly, they are covered and transported to their new locations where a builder constructs them. The main difference between modular homes and manufactured home is they are either built on a permanent frame or a temporary one. The frame will further affect how assembling of the home parts at its destination site. 

  • Regulations:

Manufactured homes are made according to strict regulations of federal construction codes from Housing and Urban Development. They are constructed in a controlled environment. After the construction, they are transported to the built site. Red certification labels from HUD are attached to the exterior of the packaging. It ensures that all the standards have been met.

Modular homes are also built-in factories but are governed by local state building codes. Depending on the state, it might adopt the federal code. Each state and governing authority gives a safety certification which is attached to modular homes that are constructed. 

After the installation on the site, both modular and manufactured homes are further inspected. It is to ensure the home occupants’ complete safety.

  • Home Design and Options:

One of the significant differences between a manufactured home and a modular home is structural. Although, both of them have multiple options while designing the interiors. There are plenty of design options available, depending on the financing options and the buyer’s taste. The mobile parts can range from luxurious to basic ones. These include exterior building materials and aesthetic features. Just search mobile home parts store near me, and you can browse from multiple options. Mostly all the installations are done by keeping energy efficiency in mind. 

  • Cost:

Manufactured and modular houses are all significantly more affordable than site-built homes. The primary reason these homes are constructed in one place is that they allow for controlled production costs. They are built inside a factory and therefore also reduce the time of the construction. This results in fewer delays and unforeseen expenses. 

You can also search “discount mobile home parts near me” to get the best installation deals. Usually, many mobile home distributors are running discounts on their products. If you want to save money, keep a tab on their websites. 

Manufactured, Mobile, or Modular: Choosing the best option for you While the possibilities for pre-built homes have many advantages over traditional homes, they are affordable, takes less time to build, and are eco-friendly. Moreover, it gives the option of design customization for consumers. You can quickly get several options when you search mobile home parts store near you. Many distributors provide energy-efficient installations for plumbing, furnace, HVAC, windows, and much more. You can also include landscape design around your mobile home to give it a traditional home touch.

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