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Select The Judaica Art And Colorful Rain Painting

artlevin August 9, 2021

Judaica art holds a lot of value in the world of art. A large number of paintings have been made on the Jewish people and their lives. One very popular series of paintings is the Jewish life paintings. The Jewish life paintings is a series in which you can see everything about the Jewish people. The artist has tried to show everything about the Jewish people. He wants people to know that the Jews have struggled so much for thousands of years. They have struggled for the simplest things like light. But they never gave up. The artist wants everyone to know about the struggles and hard work of the Jewish people. The Jews used to pray so that they could go back to their homes in Jerusalem.

second Jewish Temple Painting

The reflections to Jewish life

The artist has travelled to all of the places where the Jewish people used to stay so that he can portray their life in the best way possible. The Jewish have stayed in a lot of different places because they had to move after Jerusalem was destroyed. They were moving to different places for thousands of years. The artist wants everyone, even the future generations to know about the struggle of the Jewish people and take some inspiration from them.

He believes that the life of the Jews is very inspiring, and everyone can learn something from the Jews. He has also tried to portray the Jewish culture in a great way. One can learn a lot from his paintings about the culture and the life of the Jews. Their culture is very inspiring and the life that they have lived inspires many others to do something.

The Rain painting

There is another city that is very popular in the world of art which is Venice. It is a beautiful city in Italy. Venice looks very breathtaking and it looks even more beautiful during the rainy season. A number of paintings have been made about Venice during rains. One very famous series is the Colorful rain painting.  These paintings are mostly based on the music of different composers and one painting completes the other. Venice looks gorgeous during rain and that is what the artist wanted to capture.

Venice modern painting

It gives a feeling of hope and positivity at this time. These paintings show how rain just makes people feel so many things at one time. The artist has tried his best to capture the beauty of this city in his paintings. People from all across the world visit Venice during the rains, so that they can see the beauty of this city through their own eyes and enjoy the colorful rain of Venice. This city looks really colorful and the sky looks breathtaking at the time of rain. This is what that artist has tried to show in his paintings. When you look at these paintings, you feel as if you are really in Venice and enjoying the colorful rain.


The artist wants everyone to see the beauty of this city. Venice is one city that looks beautiful almost all the time. But the rains bring something really special and this is what the artist has tried to capture in his paintings. The rains make the sky very colorful during the day and the night sky looks pretty with the stars shining and that makes the city look even more colorfuland beautiful. You can check these paintings out if you want to experience how great Venice looks during the colorful rain. Everyone should visit this city at the time of the rainy season at least once in their life. This is a great experience and it will give you a great feeling.

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