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Set a Style Statement by Wearing Barbell Jewelry During Workout!

johnmiller3413 November 4, 2020

As the name suggests, barbell jewelry resembles the barbells that are used during weightlifting. Barbell style jewelry is made in the shape of a straight bar and with a bead on each end. These beads are unscrewable to remove or change the beads. Here is the list of most trendy barbell jewelry:

1. Straight Barbells

You can usually find straight barbell jewelry being used for tongue piercing, industrial ear piercings, nipple piercing, and much more. Flexible barbells may also be seen in surface piercings (like the nose bridge piercing), or in the septum.

2. Curved Barbells

Curved barbells are usually pierced in areas such as the eyebrow, navel, ear cartilage, tongue, madison, or connective tissues. A curved barbell is made in the shape of a banana with a smaller top ball and a larger bottom ball, and may or may not include dangling elements.

3. Spiral & Wave Barbells

Spiral and wave barbells are popular workout jewelry which imparts aesthetic effect or fit as they have a bent or waved shape. They can be usually seen in the belly button, ears, or lip.

4. Studs

A stud or straight post is worn in tragus piercings, or in other piercings of the ear cartilage. These include lowbrets, bites, medusas, tragus, and forward helix piercings.

5. Captive Rings

Bead captive rings or balls are just a ring with a ball that pops out to allow for insertion and then pops back in to hold the item in place. They can be worn almost anywhere depending on style and initial piercing and are usually seen in ears, septum, nipples, navel, and in corset piercings.

6. Horseshoe Rings

As the name denotes, these are shaped exactly like a horseshoe with each end closed off with a ball or charm. They can be worn in different piercings, just like a captive ring.

7. Lippy Loops

The lippy loops are rounded barbells made to be worn on lips since they have decorative ends facing outwards.

8. Shields

Shields have a large design with an open center that can be worn in nipple piercings or navel piercings.

9. Plugs

A plug comes in straight or shaped varieties such as single flare, and double flare. Plugs are commonly shaped as hearts and teardrops.

10. Tunnels

Tunnels also come in double or single flare varieties and various shapes just like plugs. They have see-through hollow centers in the middle of them.

11. Tapers

Tapers come in many varieties such as straight, curved, buffalo curve, spiral, super spiral, and hanger style. They are used to stretch piercings up one size at a time. Tapers are made up of stainless steel and are meant to be worn with the thickest portion through the piercing. They are gently worn through the earlobe until the larger end expands the opening to the desired size.


There are numerous varieties of bold or decent fitness jewelry that require different types of piercings. Go for the best suited and desired barbell jewelry and workout in style.

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