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Simple Tips To Wear Perfume With Leather

Digitalpraween November 23, 2019
Simple Tips To Wear Perfume With Leather

Leather is an essential part of fashion in every season and trend. Trends go by, seasons change, but a good old basic leather jacket can never disappoint you when it comes to looking fabulous. However, when it comes to pairing up the leather jacket with perfume, it can be a bit devastating. On one hand the leather fabric is very delicate and high maintenance, it also doesn’t go well with every type pf perfumes. You need very specific scents that go well with the leather outfits of yours. Here are some fabulous tips that will come handy while pairing up your leather clothes with perfume of your desire,

What Kind Of Perfume Goes Well With Leather?

Since leather fabrics can have a faint scent of their own, it can be a bit difficult for you to apply any perfume you like. Due to that faint yet prominent scent, you should choose fragrance notes that go well with accords of the leather fabric. Instead of major floral, fruity or fresh accords, you should go with something warm, spicy and oriental. These can complement the fabric’s accords merging with it to create a unique aroma. Try out Lomani perfumes that contain black pepper, incense, cinnamon, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, amber, musk and such warm accords.

How You Can Use Scent On Leather?

Wearing a perfume with leather is perfectly fine, but if you are habitual of applying it on the leather jacket or outfit, it will only destroy the fabric leaving nasty stains on it. Leather fabric is very tender and delicate requiring regular care and maintenance. If you want to use your perfume with the leather fabric, here are simple tips for that,

Never spray on the fabric: You might have done it with other fabrics but when it comes to leather, you should not spray the perfume on it or while wearing it. Perfumes generally contain alcohol and certain chemicals which can react when it comes in contact with the leather fabric causing discolouration or stains on them. These stains, if acquired for a long time are very difficult to get rid of and can damage the fabric structure as well causing withering of the fabric. You do not want that to happen with your desired leather outfit, do you.

Let perfume dry before wearing: Never spray perfume while wearing the jacket, even if you are applying it to other parts of the body. First, spray the perfume on your body, let it air dry and wear your clothes on top of it. No matter what kind of perfume you are wearing, it should be applied well before wearing any outfit.

What to do if perfume is sprayed on the leather fabric?

If you have sprayed the perfume on the leather fabric even by mistake, you need to take preventive measures to avoid it being stained. Take a damp cotton cloth or any tissue paper and dab the perfume with it absorbing it completely. Once done, see if there is any perfume left or not. Avoid using too hot water for this as it can damage the fabric. Use cool or lukewarm water for this.

To remove the perfume that has been on the leather fabric for a long time, you can follow these steps:

For removing oil-based perfumes: Removing oil-based perfumes is rather easy from leather surface, as these do not contain any alcohol in them. You can use a cotton or tissue paper to remove excess perfume from the surface. Now damp the cotton cloth in a mix of water and gentle detergent and gently wipe the fabric with it. You can also use soft sponge or anything, which is gentle on the leather fabric.

For removing alcohol-based perfumes: To remove alcohol-based perfumes, you can first wipe the fabric with sponge dipped into lukewarm water. Now mix detergent into water and create a lot of lather. Use this lather to remove the perfume stains from the fabric. These are rather gentle as compared to the detergent water. Avoid rubbing the fabric too harshly otherwise, you might end up tearing or discolouring it. Never use detergent that contains bleach or bleaching agents.

Never soak leather fabric: Some of you might be thinking of doing it but you should never soak the leather fabric into the water, hot-cold or otherwise. This will damage the fabric permanently making it not suitable for wearing. If the stains are not removing, it is wise to go to the experts instead of trying something bizarre. You can buy high-quality Lomani perfume online in India that goes well with leather fabric and make you smell fabulous. Try to keep all the tips that are mentioned above in mind while wearing perfume with your leather jacket if you wish to keep that gorgeous jacket with you for a long time.

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