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Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Achievement

krystal.herrera September 4, 2018

Whether your child is studying in an international school here in Manila or otherwise, growing up includes many triumphs and achievements. Adults greatly appreciate words of praise from bosses and authority figures because this is a sign of acknowledgement for hard work and successfully executed tasks. Well, it’s the same thing for children!

It is an integral aspect for a child’s overall development to receive proper recognition, praise, and celebration for all the work that he or she has put into achieving and accomplishing things. Whether it’s getting a good grade, winning a sports game, or simply making through a rough week, there are many achievements that are worth celebrating as a family.

Let’s take a look at some of the most fundamental yet simple ways you can celebrate your child’s accomplishment:

Take the Time to Celebrate

First and foremost, fitting in the time to celebrate may seem difficult within a hectic week, but this is exactly why it’s important to acknowledge your child’s accomplishments as soon as possible. Giving your child the full and undivided attention he or she deserves by giving a simple hug is one of the things that makes life worth living.

Let Others Know About the Achievement

In this social media age, it is very common for parents to share their children’s achievements with others on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. But it is also important to keep in mind that there may be specific people that your child wants to share the news of their accomplishment to. Taking the time to send photos or FaceTime with grandma and grandpa about the good grades will instill a positive spirit within your child.

Put The Achievement On Display

The simple act of displaying your child’s actual and tangible work or awards is a great way to give your child a sense of worth because it gives them the notion that their work is constantly being viewed. By simply framing your child’s report cards, putting their artwork on the refrigerator door, or putting up pictures, your child would be overwhelmed with absolute joy!

Let Your Child Choose the Meal

Giving your child the chance to decide on the family’s meal will make your child feel very special. Whether it’s a frozen yogurt treat or dinner at a favorite restaurant followed by games or a movie of his or her choice, your child will be absolutely delighted with having the opportunity to select the celebration.

Give Your Child Physical Rewards

There is absolutely nothing quite like receiving a tangible gift from a family member or loved on. It is your choice whether you choose to surprise your child with a gift that you know he or she has been longing for or if you decide to ask your child what specific toy or gadget he or she wants. The important thing here is to put heartfelt thought with your gift!

Key Takeaway

Whether the accomplishment is creative, academic or athletic, and whether it’s from an international school here in Manila or elsewhere, simple things like supportive words and displaying work is all there is to making your child feel special with what he or she has successfully achieved!

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