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Simple Ways to Use Gas Appliances Safely

Dominique June 7, 2017

As we all know, LPG is a common energy source that is used in homes for cooking. As much as it is crucial for everyday use, it is also imperative to take good care of it to ensure safety at home. However, no matter how we try to carefully use the LPG, sometimes, we just can’t be sure on whether or not the tank is safe to use. That is why many LPG suppliers are also careful when it comes to selling gas tanks to their respective clients.

For homeowners, it is a must for you to know which tank is safe to use.  One thing is for sure; you do not want any unwanted accidents to happen at home. To give you an idea on how you can be safe at home while using the LPG, we list down some tips you should remember and follow.

  1. Have your gas appliances checked yearly

Homeowners should understand how important it is to have their gas appliances checked yearly. It is to make sure that your appliances do not have any leaks or any damages that can post a risk to our lives. You can bring your appliances to your trusted LPG supplier and ask whether or not if it is still safe to use it. If they advised you to stop using it, then you need to buy a new one. This is just to ensure that you will not have any complications later on.

  1. Always check that an engineer is Gas Safe registered

Whether you are aware of this or not, anyone that supplies LPG without any proper legal documents, then it is against the law. To make sure that you will be safe while using it, then you should know whether your LPG is legally registered or not. Moreover, it is also important for you to check whether the engineer is Gas Safe registered before you let them work in your home.

  1. It’s illegal for someone who works for a gas safe registered a business to do private work.

Before you decide to purchase a gas appliance, make sure they are legally registered business. Again, this is to ensure that everything is going to be safe especially during cooking. If you think that they are doing some extra work ‘on the other side,’ then this may not be a good idea for you to purchase that particular gas appliance. You do not know what might happen when you purchase it.

  1. Report anyone who you suspect of working on gas illegally

As a concerned citizen, do not hesitate to report any suspicious activities that are going around in your community, especially when it comes to supplying LPG illegally. If you think there is someone who does some illegal works, then you can report it to the Gas Safe Register, and they will investigate that particular matter.

  1. If you move house, get your appliance tested

If you plan on moving to another home, then you should also not forget to get your gas appliances checked. This is to make sure that when you move, your appliance is still going to function. When moving, you should also remember to move the gas appliances careful. This is to ensure that there will be no damages.

  1. Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

Whether you realize it or not, there will always be a danger if you do not take good care of your gas appliance. Having a carbon monoxide poisoning is one risk you might encounter later on. One thing is for sure; you do not want to experience such poisoning. Nobody wants, right? That is why, it is important for you to know the symptoms: headaches, dizziness, nausea, breathlessness, collapse or loss of consciousness, symptoms which disappear or get better when you leave home and come back when you return, other people (and animals) experiencing the same symptoms at the same time. With these, it is also important for you to be aware of what and what not to do when it comes to gas poisoning – you can save lives.

  1.  Check for warning signs that your appliances may not be working properly

Inspecting your gas appliances is a must before you purchase it. Make sure that the flame on your gas cooker should be crisp and blue. Lazy yellow or orange flames means the appliances may not be functioning very well. Also, check if there are any soot or black marks or staining around or on gas appliances, if there are any, then find a new one.

These tips above may be simple, yet it is a crucial way to keep you and your home safe. Keep in mind that you need to think again before buying a particular appliance. This is to ensure that there will be no unwanted accidents that would happen at home in the long run.

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