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Six Best Small Business Routers in 2020

rebeccarogers11 November 4, 2020

A cafe or a small business usually requires a lot of hard work and cost useful devices for its smooth running and expansion. Routers play a significant role in any industry. It connects multiple networks and route traffic between them. Before installing a router, there are certain things to keep in mind. 

Introduction To Routers

Routers have developed over the years and are now available in a wireless form, and we can agree that dealing with wires leads to ambiguity and can go haywire. We can look for characteristics like the speed and coverage area the router provides. 

The security of your data matters and WPA (wi-fi Protected Access) encrypts wi-fi with strong passwords, looks for inbuilt firewalls. Through  you can find out how to have undisturbed and secure connections.

Routers Technicalities

The double band support routers tend to help with the separation from traffic, ensuring smooth working. We have many more technical terms like the number of ports that a router offers to connect LAN, and one port should always be there for WAN, wi-fi 6, which is a thousand times better than the older wi-fi, which only focuses on one device at a time. 

Wi-fi 6 uses the advanced technology of OFDMA(Orthogonal frequency-division, multiple access), and MU-MIMO. This makes sure that multiple users can work without lagging and has beamforming techniques that focus automatically on the troubled device so that there are few or no dead zones in your office. 

The wireless type to be used is 802.11 ac/ad. Almost all of the features mentioned above are present in the following six best routers for small businesses in 2020:

  1. NETGEAR R9000 Nighthawk × 10 Smart WI-FI Router ($359.99)

The quickest router connects many wi-fi appliances simultaneously without jeopardizing the speed bandwidth. 

  • It supports 802. 11 ad/ac wireless standard and has the quad-core processor, which provides 7.2 Gbps speed. 
  • It has 4 external antennas, and the best part is that it can efficiently work with Alexa. 
  • It can connect with 10 – gigabit Ethernet devices. 

That’s why its name is ×10 smart wi-fi router. The extra features that it provides, rather than the one mentioned in the introduction, encompass the QoS feature, implying service quality while streaming multiple videos on different platforms. 

The network falters, so this router makes sure that it doesn’t let the critical content relinquish and balance the network required by the devices. Finally, it also helps you save time as you can block all the inappropriate web pages or contents that are making your employees more sluggish as they are focusing on them more.

 The only drawback this router has is that it is expensive, but the benefits are no less. It’s one of the best routers for small businesses.

  1. NETGEAR Orbi Pro AC3000 ($330)

 A tri-band router with a speed of 3gbps can encircle an area up to 2500 sq.ft. A wi-fi mesh that could connect around 40 devices easily and with MU-MIMO technology. It comes with one WAN port and three LAN ports but with no USB ports. 

It’s the best quality that segregates traffic for the guests, the employees, and the owners, which are also customizable, making it function more efficiently and waving goodbye to all sluggish signals.

  1. Synology RT2600AC WI-FI Router ($200)

An affordable and a fast router. It can host more than one broadband connection, prevent you from the theft of data, have a built-in VPN, and add 2 WAN ports. Once connected to a hard drive, this router becomes a network storage server, a means to share your company’s content with the clients, and they all can catch sight of it. 

What if any of your workers would not be able to make up for the office? This router could anytime metamorphose into a virtual server where it will simultaneously store data for the company to access it at any time and from any place. Isn’t it awesome? 

Secondly, nowadays, everything should be on time or before time, so this router makes that easy because it provides for a mesh network that will give you a 3000 sq. Ft and will work without messing up with your internet speed. Each one of the workers will be directly connected to the other making way for coherent transmission.

  1. Linksys EA7500 Dual Band($159.99)

Its different features are small footprint and wall mounting, more comfortable to move it to ceilings or walls for augmenting network coverage. It had three removable antennas and 4 gigabit Ethernet ports, covering a distance of 1500 sq.ft and can simultaneously connect 15 devices. 

The speed is 1900mbps, and its set up is straightforward, all you have to do is add it’s IP address in the browser, and you will get a setup guide ASAP. Within minutes, it will start working. You should come up with a name and a strong password for it. 

  1. Asus RT-AX88U ($329)

It gives you a speed of 6000mbps. It has 4 antennas and 8 LAN ports. It uses Ai protection pro, which is powered by Trend Micro, which makes sure that none of your devices get violated or hacked. 

ASUS AiMesh wi-fi system covers your whole home, and you can also link it to Alexa. It also uses OFDMA and MU MIMO technology, which helps save battery life by setting a target wake time and makes it sleep for a while. Airadar beamforming helps you enjoy the streaming anywhere in your house.

  1. Linksys Velop Wi-Fi6 Mesh Router

The data transfer rate is 5.3gpbs and can cover 6000 sq.ft of area. It has three bands. One is 2.4Ghz and two of 5Ghz. It can support around 100 devices simultaneously and is easy to install, as suggests

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