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Soap Nuts Versus Chemical Laundry Soaps and Detergents

holliebenson August 31, 2021

Soap nuts are natural soaps that grow on trees. These are the fruits of the tree called Sapindus. They do not contain harmful chemicals or dyes or other artificial fragrances. Sapindus grows in warm tropical areas and is native to trees in India, Indonesia, Nepal and other Southeast Asian countries. They are easy to use and can be relied upon for their long-term safety against any harmful chemical reactions in the body and nature.

A comparative study of the two can give you a clear idea of ​​what soap nuts can offer you in terms of organic laundry detergents natural detergent. To begin with, we can discuss the harmful effects of chemical cleaners.

CHEMICAL DETERGENTS: These chemical detergents and soaps are composed of chemicals and toxins that may have some long term effects. These effects are listed below:

· Chemicals, dyes and artificial cleaners used in detergents are harmful and are used to clean clothes, these chemicals and dyes remain inside the pores of the fabric, even after cleaning. When these clothes are worn, these chemicals come in contact with the skin of the body and enter our blood and cause side effects that are harmful to the human body. When these toxins are exposed to sunlight, they release vapors that give us unhealthy air to breathe.

Detergents contain enzymes that are known to cause eczema and psoriasis.

Sodium hypochlorite present in detergents causes lung irritation, respiratory reactions and cardiovascular damage and damages the eyes and skin.

· Nonylphenoxyethoxylates present in detergents are responsible for the increase in breast and prostate cancer. This particular chemical can also cause infertility and is an important ingredient in the fall of amphibians.

· Chemicals in detergent can cause premature wear of clothes.

SOAP NUTS: Soap nuts are natural and do not contain harmful chemicals or toxins. They have a natural chemical called saponin. The saponin, which is found in high concentrations (about 10-18%), acts as a natural detergent when it comes in contact with water.

· They are 100% organic and biodegradable.

· They have a natural antibacterial and antifungal effect that destroys harmful microorganisms.

· Due to its antimicrobial properties, soap nuts are used for bathing and keep the skin soft and germ-free.

· Soap nuts do not cause any allergic effect on the skin due to the absence of enzymes and contain allergy-friendly elements that relieve allergies.

· The detergent that comes out as residue and residue has antimicrobial properties that cause cleaning of drains and sewer system and therefore becomes environmentally friendly.

· This antimicrobial and allergy-friendly property of soap nuts is good for people suffering from eczema and any other skin infection.

· They do not damage the fibers of linen and protect the color.

Last but not least, they are recyclable.

So when it comes to creating a green and natural world when it comes to the economical free web content, detergents and soaps have nothing to do with soap nuts. We have to decide.

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