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Some Of The Best Ways To Keep The Rug Stain Free

Alex Mahone October 8, 2018

Generally, the rug floor may last for 10 years or more if treated and maintained properly. Moreover, replacing the entire rug at your home can be a tough thing to do due to heavy expenses which you have to make. Though it is normal to get wear and tear of the rugs and carpet over the time, there are so many ways which can be followed for effective treatment of the rugs. Here we have a list of some amazing tips from the local house cleaning services London which you may consider for effective maintenance of the rugs at home.

Stain resistant treatment

The first and the most useful way to avoid stains on the carpets and rugs is trying some stain resistant treatment. The stain resistant material can help in sealing the entire rugs for any material which may cause stains. Though most of the carpet companies or rug dealers have already coated stuff to sale you can always hire a professional to do it for your existing rugs at home. It will not only keep your carpet protected but would also assist in easy stain removal.


Vacuuming in routine can be very effective avoid staining and removing dirt which can get accumulated into the fibers of the rug. Actually, the dust and dirt get trapped inside the fibers which may cause damage and staining if not removed. Therefore, you should ensure vacuuming sessions in routine to avoid the dirt build up. It would be better if you frame a routine to vacuum your entire rug area once in a week including the areas which are hidden under or behind the furniture.

No shoes

If you are tired of staining rugs at home then it is the time to make some rules. Therefore, you should add a no shoe rule in your list of household rules for your family. You must strictly try to avoid anyone entering into your house with their shoes on. This would be great to avoid any dirt, dust or mud stuck into your shoes which may get dragged into your home. So, make sure you follow all the rules you make to keep the carpet clean and fresh even it is some close friend who is coming over at your home.

Plastic mats and rugs

A great idea which you can use at home to prevent rugs from staining is having the plastic mats all around the home under the furniture. You can have them at all the areas in your house which are having high traffic. Doing this would also help to ensure that any food falling off the table during some party cannot stain the rugs and carpets. Also, it would be beneficial in keeping your carpet stain free from foot traffic and other stains.

Quick spills treatment

Last but not the least, whenever you find any kind of spills at home on your rug area or carpet, it is necessary that you should avoid leaving it for a long time. Accidents are very common at home which has kids and pets, but you can immediately treat the area affected by blotting the stained area. You should always try to remove all the moisture at the stained area to avoid damage and use a good quality detergent to clean the stain.

In case, you are not able to work on the stains due to their toughness, then the only solution which you can try to work is hiring Domestic cleaning services London. They are actually the team of experts who can deal with any type of cleaning issues you have at home with quality equipment and products.

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