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Some Underrated Netflix Extensions!

Walterrichards October 19, 2020

Well, we are pretty sure that you love binge-watching shows on Netflix, especially in the times of this global pandemic, when we all are restricted to our houses. But are you getting the best out of your streaming services? 

Netflix has changed the way people perceive cinema and movies, and that too for good. Get unlimited access to movies and tv series by getting Netflix accounts from Netflix is trying to offer new and some fantastic options to develop a better streaming experience for millions of users worldwide.

So, here are some of the best Netflix extensions you may not know about, but you would love once you use them!

1. Netflix URL 

Bored of those same kinds of movies and shows on your Netflix homepage, you are in the mood of seeing something distinctive or offbeat. The Algorithm that suggests those shows based on your previous viewing experience may not know, but we know. Try using the category codes to watch something distinctive. The Netflix URL itself contains these codes.

2. Netflix Originals 

Netflix Originals are full of content that is worth watching and critically acclaimed, but there is some incredible content that Netflix itself does not produce. No Netflix Originals is one such extension that clears out all the Netflix Originals from your home page and offers you so much from outside.

3. Netflix Party 

Are you keen to watch Dark with your friends, but they are all stuck in some other part of the country? Well, they have another extension for you, host a Netflix party for friends. Inviting them from any part of the world to watch a movie with you, sounds lovely. 

4. Netflix Roulette

If you are somebody like me who cannot decide what to watch or have a family where each family member has a different view of what to watch today, this extension will help. That very much the idea behind the development of Netflix Roulette, a random recommendation engine.

5. Skip Intro

If I had to answer the best extension ever, it would surely be a skip intro button. I don’t like knowing about the show, but I am generally binge-watching a show, which makes it frustrating to see the intro again and again or the recaps as well. With this new extension, you can set the skip intro and skip recap to default. 

6. Stream Manager

Whether you are in the process of watching Sherlock or any other great series, you eventually will find it less exciting and frustrating to watch if buffering occurs. So, if you want to avoid these buffering moments and make your streaming experience better than what it has earlier been, go to Netflix’s secret menu. The stream manager option will allow you to balance your buffering rate with playback speed.

7. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is the best place to find critic reviews. However, in Netflix’s case, the star rating system is not classified as being very accurate. Users can be a little biased due to any reason, so there comes the role of this extension, allowing users to get access to Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb reviews. 

Some extensions even allow you to retrieve this information without having to leave the Netflix website. It’s always good to know the reviews of what you are going to watch.  

8. Request Form

Somedays, you think that Netflix has many offers, while some days, you struggle to find something worthy enough to watch based on your choices. Well, it is quite right that Netflix has a lot to offer, but on the other side of it, you might come across a show you want to watch, but it isn’t available. 

Netflix has a request form that you may fill, and that contains three options of shows you want them to get open for you. However, the possibility of a show being made available entirely on your request is quite less, and there should be many requests to make them acquire it in their library.

9. Streaming Settings 

Wouldn’t you feel bad if you got to know that the plan you initially subscribed to included an HD or ultra-HD streaming, but you weren’t using it for streaming purposes out of your ignorance? So, all the Netflix users must check out their streaming settings and get the best out of it.

10. Shortcuts 

If you use Netflix on your laptop, never miss out on these shortcuts, which will make your viewing better. ‘F’ will give you a full screen while ‘Esc’ will take you out of the full-screen mode. ‘Pg up’ plays while ‘Pg dn’ pauses.

11. Test Participation

If you want to become a Netflix Explorer and know what the next thing the service providers are working upon to magnify your streaming experience before it comes across among users is, you can go to Settings and adjust the Test Participation option.

All the best for your Streaming Experience!

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