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Sonalika Tractor – Top 5 Accessories For Indian Farmers

sonagoyal September 29, 2020

Sonalika tractor is the leading and popular tractor in India. It provides many special features at a fair price. The tractor manufactured with many innovative functions for performing various farming operations. 

Accessories are the essential need of farmers. Most of the accessories use with tractors for farming purposes. These are common requirements of Indian farmers. 

Top 5 Useful Accessories Given by Sonalika Tractor 

There are a lot of useful accessories available in the Indian market. Here, we show top 5 useful accessories given by Sonalika tractor. Check out below. 

1. Tractor Cover

Tractor covers are a sheet to protect the tractor from sun, rain, and dust. It saves the tractor system and parts to keep the tractor new and useful. Covers made with cloth and metals. The inner system cover is available in the form of metal. Different types of tractor covers are available in the market for farmer’s betterment. Below, different covers for various parts or systems of tractors. 

  • Tractor engine front cover
  • Tractor radiator fan cover
  • Seat cover 
  • Tractor mounted reaper side cover 
  • Tractor bonnet cover
  • Flange Cover
  • Safety cover
  • Alternator cover 
  • Steering cover 

These are the covers which uses for various parts and the tractor of Sonalika comes with all the useful covers. Most of the covers come with the tractors. The market only covers prices affordable and reasonable for farmers. 

2. Drawbar 

The drawbar is the metal piece that provides solid coupling between load and tractor. It’s used to accept the coupling of the load and is mount on the tractor. Drawbar made with iron metal. Plows attach to the specialist drawbar, which has the additional functions of transmitting tractive force. Tractor of Sonalika provides a drawbar, and it is available in the market at a fair price. There are different shapes of drawbar available in the market. 

  • Force Gauge Drawbar
  • Spring Drawbar
  • Patti Drawbar
  • Frame Assembly With Drawbar
  • Drawbar Spiral 
  • Swinging Drawbar Clevis

These are the different shapes of the tractor drawbar for various attachments.  

3. Jack

The Jack is the lifting device used for moving, bracing, and moving loads of all types. It’s used to lift loads and apply massive forces. These provide benefits of high lifting capacity, lightweight, and low toe height. It is best for safety and made with industrial safety standards. It builds to decrease work hazards and security risks. The Jack available with handles, clips, and powder-coated finish clevis pins. It works on manual and automatic type systems. It is a universal tool, available in 8 models. Price of Jack fits in the farmer’s budget. Sonalika tractors in India provide canopy according to the need of farmers. 

There are two types of jacks – 

  • Hydraulic Jack – This type of Jack uses hydraulic power to lift the heavy loads. Experts made these jacks using advanced technology and high-grade raw material in compliance with international quality standards. These are undergoing various tests. 
  • Mechanical Jack – This type of Jack uses screw thread to lift the heavy loads. 

4. Canopy

A canopy is a sheet of metal that mounts on the tractor seat. It covers the tractor driver from dust, rain, and sun. Canopy made with the cloth, iron axle, and steel pipe to save the driver. Sonalika tractor in India provides these canopy for user’s betterment. The price of the canopy is affordable for Indian farmers. The canopies come in different colors and designs. It protects the tractor driver from dust, moisture, and sun rays. 

5. Trailer

Sonalika tractors provide the best trailer for farmer’s satisfaction. Trailer used for transport goods and attached in the backside of the tractor. They are mostly called semi-trailer or semi-truck. It’s attached to the tractor with a type of hitch. The trailer comes without a front axle. It gives a good performance in rocky and rooted areas. In the market, the trailer price is appropriate for the farmer’s pocket. It connects behind the tractor like a trolly. 

Types of Trailer

  • Heavy-duty trailer
  • Tipping trailers
  • Agriculture tractor-trailer
  • Agriculture trailer
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