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Spreading The Word About Your Business – How To Get On The Map

John Stone June 14, 2016

By increasing your company’s brand awareness, you will make sure your customers think of your brand first when browsing the Internet, looking to purchase a product/service from your business niche. This is the ultimate goal of every marketing campaign out there. Thus, you should promote your business and make it stand out from the horde of competitive companies and the products/services they have to offer. This is how you can spread the word about your business.

PPC Advertising

If you are trying to think of a solution to get your brand seen on Google, opt for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. With the rise of competitiveness in SEO and the shrinking of organic Google real-estate, PPC is nowadays one of the best options for building brand awareness. If you succeed in getting your brand name to show at the top of Google relevant searches, you will have potential customers clicking on your PPC. Even if they do not click, simply seeing your name up there will make an impression.

Creating Infographics

One of the best ways for presenting statistics and marketing data is by creating infographics. They are colorful, interesting, and are often shared far and wide, like content powerhouses. Infographics are a powerful tool for thought leadership and brand building. A good infographic is simple, unique, easily shareable, and with minimal text and high impact.

Publishing Guest Content

A powerful way for spreading the word about your brand in your industry is guest posting. High-quality, original content that is shared on other blogs is always good for your company’s brand awareness, which is why guest posting is extremely valuable. The content should be valuable and memorable, so it would make a lasting impression and introduce you to new audiences. However, if the published content is not of high quality, it will start working against you.

Promotional Material

Print your brand name and logo on pens, mugs, key chains, Frisbees, koozies, and t-shirts. Visit fairs, events and festivals where you will give it away. Everyone loves free stuff and in this way your name will be noticed and memorized. Get the best commercial printing services and create custom retail displays and start putting your logo on those freebies.

Car Wraps

Car wraps attract a lot of attention. Basically, they are customized designs that cover the entire vehicle. Car wraps are a great way to ensure that people will pay attention to and become familiar with your brand. Wrap your company vehicle or, if you dare to do it, your personal automobile.

Produce A Podcast

By creating a free Internet radio show, you reach broader market and strengthen your reputation as an “expert”. Host your own show, record it, upload the produced material, and add a streaming/download options. Talk about relevant topics that are related to your business and invite and interview important industry experts. It is a great way to develop relationships with other players in your field, as well as build your brand at the same time.

Focus On The Right Social Network

Trying to be active on every social media is a pretty time-consuming job. The best choice is to opt for a particular network, the one that is best suited for your type of business and that gives the best feedback and results. Small businesses in creative industries usually do well on Instagram, while B2B companies find Twitter as the most useful social media platform. When you define who your audience is, find out where they hang out and build your presence there. Save the majority of your energy for what you know works, but do not completely abandon other social sites.

The problem is standing out of the crowd. What is at the core of the solution? Behind every strong brand stands a unique identity. Give your brand a unique and fun identity, especially if a bit of comedy is appropriate in your area of business. Make everything count and create something interesting and memorable.

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